Events at FAU

Events at FAU

There is more to a university than simply research projects, seminars and lectures. FAU organises a large number of events to encourage its members to look beyond the boundaries of their own subjects, promote a sense of community within the University and engage with the general public in what goes on at FAU. Here is just a small sample of the exciting events which take place at FAU.

‘Wissenschaft auf AEG’

'Auf AEG' in Nuremberg is set to become the second-largest location of the Faculty of Engineering at FAU in the medium to long-term. (Bild: David Hartfiel)

Bild: David Hartfiel

FAU presents exciting current research projects in the lecture series ‘Wissenschaft auf AEG’. The event location ‘Auf AEG’ – the former AEG site – has a unique atmosphere that provides the perfect setting for lecture series. It is a place that promotes knowledge and research where visitors are sure to learn something new.

‘Wissenschaft im Schloss’

Erlangen Schloss (14 April 2003)

Bild: Erich Malter

FAU presents exciting current research projects to the public through its lecture series ‘Wissenschaft im Schloss’. Students, school pupils and members of the public who are interested in research are invited to attend the lectures.



Image: FAU/Georg Pöhlein

FAU’s Schlossgartenfest is one of the largest and most beautiful garden parties in Europe. On the last Saturday in June, the President invites students, members and friends of the University, as well as high-profile guests from politics, business and academia, to come and dance and enjoy a fantastic evening in the Schlossgarten.


Collegium Alexandrinum


Bild: Georg Pöhlein

The Collegium Alexandrinum lectures are directed at both FAU members and members of the general public. The series of lectures presents examples from research at institutes, clinical departments and research centres at FAU. In addition to these lectures, Collegium Alexandrinum also offers tours of the University’s collections and gardens each semester.

Long Night of Sciences

Long Night of Sciences 2011

Bild: Georg Pöhlein

Watch the world’s fastest computer tomography system display a 3D image of the human heart, or discover metals that are so light that they float in milk – with around 400 items on the programme, FAU runs the most events of all the contributors who take part in the Long Night of Sciences.

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A look back at previous events

University Ball

University ball

Image: Kurt Fuchs

Until 2018, the President of FAU and other higher education institutions in Nuremberg invited students, members and friends to the festive University Ball. This social event was also attended by guests of honour from academia, politics, business and the media. The University Ball will no longer be held as of 2019.

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Dies academicus


Bild: Georg Pöhlein

Once a year on 4 November, FAU celebrates the date when the University was established in 1743. This was the day that Friedrichs-Universität was founded in Erlangen by Margrave Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. It was the third university to be established in Franconia, after the universities of Altdorf and Würzburg.

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275 years of FAU

Bild: FAU

FAU is celebrating its 275th anniversary in 2018. And not just on one day, but all year long. A programme of events as diverse as FAU itself awaits us throughout the year on the theme of ‘Wissen in Bewegung’ – knowledge in motion.

FAU goes adidas

Image: adidas AG

We are proud to present FAU‘s first ever shoe: the “AM4FAU” (“adidas Made for FAU”). The AM4FAU shoe was presented at the ‘FAU goes adidas’ event at adidas’ World of Sports in Herzogenaurach on June 19 2018.

A book for each university: “Eine Uni – Ein Buch” competition

Videostill Dr. Bernd Flessner mit Buch

Bild: FAU

In 2017, FAU chose a book and hosted a range of events throughout the year where people could meet to discuss the book and express their opinions. These events were open to FAU members and literature enthusiasts from outside the university.

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FAU Wunschkonzert

Bild: FAU

On Friday 24 April 2020, two headline bands and student bands will play at the FAU Wunschkonzert at E-Werk in Erlangen. The concert is organised by FAU for all FAU members. Read more

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