University Ball

University Ball

Der Universitätsball 2019 von oben

Image: FAU/Kurt Fuchs

The FAU University Ball, held jointly with all the institutes of higher education in Nuremberg, has featured in the social calendar of the region for decades now. However, recent years have shown that students in particular would prefer something other than the traditional black tie event. We take our students’ opinions seriously, and have now decided to offer a number of different social events better suited to their preferences, and those of recent graduates.

FAU took the first step in the anniversary year 2018 by introducing a formal graduation ceremony for doctoral candidates and holding a film competition for students, followed by an award ceremony at the former AEG site in Nuremberg. In 2020, we are planning a repeat of the Wunschkonzert music festival for students.

A University Ball is not planned for 2020. The highlight of the year for fans of traditional ballroom dancing and a more formal event still remains the Schlossgartenfest on the last Saturday in June (alternatively the first Saturday in July) – don’t forget to mark your diary!

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