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friedrich – our research magazine

Cover FAU research magazine friedrichfriedrich is FAU’s research magazine and is published once a year.

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alexander – latest news from FAU

Cover FAU magazine alexander

alexander is published several times a year. It covers all aspects of university life – research, teaching and study, and internal affairs.

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frisch! an der FAU – a guide for new students

Cover of frisch2019The magazine frisch! an der FAU is aimed at students new to the University and provides information which will help ensure they have the best possible start to their studies, life and work at FAU and in Erlangen and Nuremberg. The magazine explains almost everything that students will need to know about the University, such as how to organise a semester abroad, where to get help and advice on their studies or what job opportunities are on offer in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. It also has plenty of tips on how to spend time outside studying – from taking a course at the language centre or joining a university sports team to getting involved with the university radio stations.

The current issue of frisch!

Welcome to the heart of Europe

Cover of the brochure "Welcome to the heart of Europe".This guide for international students aims to introduce you to life in Germany, especially in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg – home of the FAU.

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