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The FAU research magazine friedrich is published once a year.

Cover FAU-Forschungsmagazin friedrich Nr. 119This year´s issues deals with all things hidden: things we lost sight of, objects too small for the bare eye to see. It also invites the reader to confront things they usually avoid: taboos. Some mechanisms we are not even aware of: Why do we behave the way we behave? Do advertisements influence us subconsciously? And then there are secrets – everybody has them. Even institutions do not make everything transparent to the public.

The research magazine friedrich is also available in print form (in German only). You can order it free of charge at

friedrich 119: Discovering hidden worlds

Friedrich 119Venture into hidden worlds together with FAU researchers from a wide spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the humanities to natural sciences, and from engineering to medicine. Read the latest 2019 issue of the FAU research magazine ‘friedrich’. Read more

1st chapter: Invisible

InvisibleWhilst some things are too small for us to see, we have lost sight of others over time, and still others could be made visible, but are kept hidden for any number of reasons. Read more


2nd chapter: Unnoticed

UnnoticedMany things in this world escape our conscious perception, we tend to take things for granted without reflecting on them. For example, in which areas is artificial intelligence already being used? What effect does language have on how we perceive our world? Why do we behave the way we do? Read more

3rd chapter: Hidden

HiddenSecrets are everywhere and everyone has secrets, from the person on the street to entire institutions, and they can be found in the most unlikely places: in government filing cabinets or under the surface of the water or in the earth under our feet. Taboos are also part of our day to day life. But if rules are made to be broken, then taboos are too. Read more