How to apply

Applying for funding

Who can apply for EFI funding?

Applications may only be submitted for the EFI for all projects that have drawn up a concept as part of the FAUconnect network and have subsequently received a recommendation from the Executive Board. FAU professors (W1–W3) are subsequently entitled to apply for funding within the EFI, as are particularly well-qualified lecturers (Privatdozenten/innen), heads of junior research groups and habilitation candidates.

The application is submitted by a project coordinator and at least one other applicant. Both are expected to be high achievers in their field, depending on their career level, and to have excellent qualifications in the applicable area of research. The projects themselves must have an innovative approach, above-average potential for development and be of strategic importance to FAU. A specific and promising project is critical for submitting an external collaborative proposal (DFG, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, EU) for the period after the EFI funding, preferably a project that is relevant for an upcoming application by FAU for the Excellence Strategy.

How does the application process work?

After the FAUconnect process has been completed, the designated coordinator submits a status report that details the next steps to be taken. An EFI project application can then be submitted on the recommendation of the Executive Board. The application form contains a summary of the prospective project (scientific vision, level of innovation, risk and relevance), its relevance to current research, as well as a description of the goals and the work plan (action plan and budget planning, expected results and transfer to an external collaborative proposal for third-party funding). In addition, it contains a description of the applicants’ preliminary work, which is documented with research profiles and the most important publications.

The evaluation process

The project application is assessed by up to three external, and in some cases international reviewers. Project coordinators have the opportunity to suggest reviewers who will be required to confirm impartiality. The Executive Board approves or rejects the application for funding based on the project application, the external evaluation and consultation with the Deans of Research at the faculties.