Application and selection procedure

Applying for ETI funding

Are you a young researcher with a doctoral degree just starting out on your career? Do you plan to submit an application to an external funding provider in the near future? Then why not apply for ETI funding?

Calls for applications and deadlines

Calls for applications are issued in the summer semester and the winter semester. Please note the application deadlines. We will let you know our decision on your application for funding approximately three months after the deadline for applications. The funding period begins in January for applications submitted in September and in July for applications submitted in March.

Next deadline: 8 March 2022 (Application start: 1 February 2022; funding beginning: 15 July 2022)

Application for funding

Online application: You can submit your application for ETI funding in German or English directly through CRIS (Current Research Information System). Further information is available on the downloads page.

  • Log in to CRIS, the FAU research information system, using your personal IdM account.
  • If necessary, switch the role at the top right of the page to ‘researcher’.
  • Click on the top right on ‘add data’ then ‘ETI application’.
  • Four sections are displayed for the application, funding requested, research profile and support. Please complete each of these sections.
  • Please use the save button to save your work regularly.
  • Once you click on ‘save and set status’ and select ‘send application’, your application is forwarded to Research Support for formal checking.

Formal inspection: All applications for funding are inspected by Research Support.

Research performance evaluation: Together with representatives from the involved Faculties/Schools, the Vice President People chooses one of the professors at FAU to provide a research performance evaluation.

Decision: The decision as to whether or not to grant funding is taken by the ETI selection committee on the basis of the research performance evaluation. The number of applicants that are awarded funding depends on the quality of the applications and the available funds.

The ETI selection committee consists of the following members:

    • Vice President People (chair)
    • Representatives of Faculties/Schools involved in the programme
    • Chairperson of the Council for Academic Staff
    • University Women’s Representative

The most important criteria

    • Quality of the research project (with regard to content and concept)
    • Applicant’s qualifications
    • Intention to submit an application to an external funding provider