Focus on emerging research ideas

“Ideas and knowledge are the assets of the future” – with this guiding principle, the STAEDTLER® Foundation has been supporting the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region for more than 20 years. The charitable foundation has since donated more than ten million euros for socially relevant cultural projects and research projects.

Logo Staedtler-StiftungThe STAEDTLER® Foundation is particularly active at FAU. Among other things, the foundation donates a doctoral prize, which awards ten junior researchers each year with 3,500 euros for outstanding university achievements and finances twelve “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarships per year. In addition, research projects of all disciplines that pursue innovative approaches or apply novel methods are promoted. Especially when investigating forward-looking topics, emergent research fields are becoming increasingly important. Emergent research fields are uncharted scientific territory, commonly located at the borders of subjects, which can only be explored through the cooperation of different research disciplines and perspectives.

Pilot phase starts in 2018

As of this year, the STAEDTLER Foundation will focus intensively on promoting emergent research projects. These have been successfully identified at the FAU since 2010 via the Emerging Fields Initiative. In this highly competitive and multi-level evaluation process, the university not only draws on expert reports from its own ranks, but also the expertise of high-ranking international scientists. In the end, those projects showing a particularly high potential for growth and success prevail. This “seal of quality” will be used by the STAEDTLER Foundation to specifically promote emergent projects of high social significance and innovative capacity.