Applying for ETI funding

Application and selection procedure

How can I apply for ETI funding?

Next deadline: 9 September 2018 (beginning of funding period: 15 January 2019)

How is a decision made?

First, F 3 formally reviews your application.

The Vice President People (chairperson) and the Dean of Research from your faculty then appoint an FAU professor to conduct an expert review. If necessary an external reviewer may be called in.

The most important criteria considered are:

  • Quality of the research project (with regard to content and concept)
  • Applicant’s qualifications
  • Intention to submit an application to a highly competitive external funding provider

The ETI selection committee then makes a decision on the basis of the review. The committee consists of the following members:

  • Vice President (chairperson)
  • Representatives of the faculties/schools participating in the programme
  • Chairperson of the Council for Academic Staff
  • University women’s representative

The number of successful applicants depends on the quality of the applications and the available funds.