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Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern)

Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern)

ZAE Bayern logo The Bavarian Centre for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern) links evidence-based fundamental research and applied industrial research. Every year it carries out a large number of projects with partners from industry, from small companies to large groups, as well as with university and non-university research partners. The most important topics of research at ZAE Bayern focus on promoting the use of renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. ZAE Bayern’s research covers the following areas: photovoltaics, energy storage, energy-optimised buildings, energy-efficient processes, nanomaterials, thermophysics, heat sensors and system modelling.

ZAE Bayern is divided into three sections: energy storage, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The renewable energy section is led by FAU. Its research priorities include developing new, more efficient solar cells and components based on thin crystalline silicon, printable solar cells and solvent-based production technologies. It also aims to increase the use of high-resolution infrared imaging (lock-in thermography) which has high spatial and temporal resolution in the field of photovoltaics.