Key Research Priorities at FAU

Creating a strong profile

Key Research Priorities at FAU.

Ideas develop best in a climate of openness– this also applies in the world of research. FAU respects the cultures of all individual subjects and research is valued equally whether carried out independently or collaboratively. FAU welcomes in-depth research and research networks that are initiated via interdisciplinary institutions and programmes.

The University has developed eight interdisciplinary Key Research Priorities that allow researchers to consolidate their expertise, exchange ideas and form strong research synergies. Each FAU Key Research Priority connects intensive research, academic excellence, international networks and funding secured for a wide range of projects. At least two faculties and 25 professors are involved in each FAU Key Research Priority. The speakers have a high level of central responsibility and freedom.

FAU’s Key Research Priorities have a key role in shaping the University’s research profile. They are developed strategically in continuous consultation between researchers and the Executive Board.

Key Research Priorities at FAU