Medicine, Life Sciences and Health

Medicine, Life Sciences and Health

Ensuring, maintaining and restituting health are central desiderata that can only be accomplished under proper societal and medical conditions. Their determination and analysis are of paramount socio-economic relevance and represent important research topics. Parameters and requirements that guarantee or restore physical and mental health of an individual change during the course of life. These have to be determined. Additionally there is a great need to develop and implement science-based procedures, behavioral patterns and therapies that help to maintain health, prevent or cure disease. This endeavor requires intensive, innovative and integrated research activities in molecular life sciences and medicine that start out with basic science approaches and the development of fundamental concepts and eventually translate them into practice. Areas with special focus are research in infection and immunology, cardiovascular and renal research, oncology and neurosciences. Further central issues include ethical, legal, sociological and economic aspects.

Outstanding Activities


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Wegner


Department of Biochemistry
Chair of Biochemistry II (Prof. Dr. Wegner)

Prof. Dr. Falk Nimmerjahn

Department Biologie
Chair of Genetics (Prof. Nimmerjahn)