Transfer of knowledge and technology

Finding practical applications for results

Do you want to apply your research results in practice or put them to use together with industry? Or are you interested in launching a business?

The Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer and Continuing Education supports you with setting up joint contract research projects between academia and industry, and related administrative and financial affairs. It is the central point of contact for FAU research staff who require advice on the legal protection of inventions. Start-up businesses at FAU can make use of the advice and funding offered when starting their businesses.

Numerous collaborations between partners in industry and at the University allow research results to be quickly transferred to practical solutions in areas such as biomedicine and health technology, in the development of tailor-made materials and efficient manufacturing processes, in electronics and information technology, or in the fields of optics and optical technologies. FAU works with numerous German and international companies in collaborative applied research.

Transfer of technology

Inventions and patents

Starting a business