What you need to know for your stay in Germany and at FAU

Formalities for international researchers

Once you have contacted your host institute at FAU, you can begin preparing for your stay in Erlangen or Nuremberg. If there are any special conditions for your research which need to be clarified (such as approval for animal testing or authorisation for medical practice), please discuss these with your host institute in advance. Below is a list of some important documentation which you will need to organise before you come to Germany. Please bring originals and copies of all documents with you to Germany, along with a German or English translation if necessary.

You will need the following documents:

  • A passport or equivalent identity card, which must usually be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. Please contact your embassy for information.
  • Doctoral degree certificate
  • Doctoral candidates only: school education certificates (university entrance qualification), university certificates (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree) and academic transcripts
  • Birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • Proof of health insurance: you must be covered by health insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. If you do not organise long-term health insurance while still in your home country, make sure you take out travel health insurance which is valid until your German health insurance comes into effect.
  • Vaccination records, any medication currently required, medical documents if necessary (e.g. in the case of a serious illness)
  • Proof of finances or an explanation of how you intend to finance your stay in Germany, such as a scholarship or employment contract (if possible, please state your exact monthly gross and net income)
  • A visa, also for accompanying family members (not required for EU citizens). For information about visa and entry requirements, please contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country. Please make a specific enquiry about which visa is the right one for you.
  • Several (biometric) passport photos for various forms of ID which you will need during you stay (e.g. residence permit and health insurance)
  • If you wish to drive in Germany: driving licence (national and international), car insurance documents (if applicable)

There are certain formalities which need to be completed at the beginning of your stay in Germany:

  • Register with the local authorities
  • Open a bank account
  • Arrange sufficient health insurance, if you have not already done so.
  • Only for non-EU citizens: apply for a residence permit with the immigration authorities if you will be staying in Germany after your entry visa expires. Please ensure you do this in plenty of time before your visa expires.
  • Admission and enrolment at FAU (if applicable).

Before you finish your work, pack your suitcase and leave Germany, there are a few more formalities which need to be completed:

Start planning your departure in good time. Notice periods for accommodation are often 3 months; insurance and other contracts must also usually be cancelled quite far in advance.

  • Cancel your rental contract – see Accommodation
  • De-register with the local authorities (no more than one week before your departure). This is particularly important, as you may experience difficulties returning to Germany if you do not de-register.
  • Close your bank account (if necessary)
  • Cancel contracts for electricity, water, gas, telephone, television/radio licence fees, internet (this may be done automatically by your accommodation – please ask for details)
  • Cancel insurance
  • Return your restaurant card, library card, etc.

De-registering with the Welcome Centre – Please let us know that you are leaving so that we can take you off our mailing lists. Thank you!