German courses

Language courses for international researchers

There are many opportunities for you to learn or improve your knowledge of German or other languages during your stay at FAU. You will find an overview of the main points of contact on this page.

German courses at FAU’s Language Centre

FAU’s Language Centre offers German courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. These courses are open to international doctoral candidates, staff and guest researchers. You can find more information about the courses available, registration procedure and possible costs on the Language Centre website.

Other German courses

  • The Central Office for International Affairs (RIA), in conjunction with FAU’s Language Centre, runs an intensive German language course for international students and guest researchers before the start of the semester. This course is subject to a fee.
  • FAU’s Language Centre runs courses to prepare students for academic study and exams (DSH courses) and also offers language and communication training. Some of these courses are subject to a fee.

These courses are only for students and doctoral candidates who have been admitted to the University and are designed to prepare them for the DSH examinations and academic study. More information (dates, conditions, registration and course fees) is available on the Language Centre website. If you have any questions please contact the Language Centre’s Department of German as a Foreign Language directly.

  • If you are interested in a language exchange with a native German speaker, we recommend taking part in a tandem exchange. The Language tandems at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre at FAU are a great way to find a German tandem partner who is interested in learning your native language.
  • The Volkshochschule (adult education centres) in Erlangen and Fürth, and the Bildungszentrum (education centre) in Nuremberg run German courses at all levels. Information about the courses on offer and who to contact is available for Erlangen (German), Fürth (German) and Nuremberg (German). These courses are subject to a fee and you must register in advance.
  • There are also many private institutions in and around Erlangen and Nuremberg, although they are often much more expensive than those offered by the Language Centre or Volkshochschule. We are unable to recommend specific courses. Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list.

Other foreign language courses

If you are interested in attending other foreign language courses, FAU’s Language Centre (German), the Volkshochschule in Erlangen (German) and Fürth (German), the Bildungszentrum in Nuremberg (German), and many private companies run a wide range of courses in various foreign languages. These courses are usually subject to a fee and the conditions are set by the course provider. For detailed information about courses, fees, registration, etc., please contact the course provider.