Literary Studies – intermedial and intercultural

Literary Studies – intermedial and intercultural (M.A.)

The interdisciplinary Master’s degree program “Literary Studies – intermedial and intercultural” offers a research-oriented education with a focus on aspects of literary theory, cultural studies, and media studies. It is aimed at graduates of BA programs in literature and cultural studies who are interested in current research discussions and interdisciplinary perspectives. The course provides in-depth knowledge of theory and practice in literary and cultural studies. It examines the functions of literary texts in the context of changing media, cultures, and social practices. The focus is on intermedial and intercultural references of literature in complex cultural formations.

What is the degree program about?

In the master’s degree program “Literary Studies – Intermedial and Intercultural” you will learn the basics, the history and current tendencies of theories and methods of literary, cultural and media studies. Research-oriented discussions address problems of intermediality (text-image relations, text-sound relations, digital literature, new media, and popular literature/culture). You will also gain insights into the dynamics of international literary and cultural relations (inter- and transculturality, globalization/localization, cultural transfer and translation).

The concrete analysis of complex literary, cultural and media-historical contexts illustrates the thematic complexes of the core subjects. Cultural and media phenomena from different cultural areas (subject pool) are also examined, e.g. anthropology and mediality, media ethics, book media aesthetics, media upheavals, image cultures and iconography.

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