Tuition fee compensation

Investing funds wisely

Since tuition fees were abolished, 22 million euros of tuition fee compensation is provided annually to the university by the government budget.

Students are involved in decisions on how this funding, which is intended to be used exclusively for improving studying conditions, is spent. For this reason, students are equally represented on the Central Committee for the Allocation of Tuition Fee Compensation (ZGS) and 28 sub-committees within the faculties.

In addition to administrative expenditure (e.g. work stations, books, e-books, improved IT equipment, funding for courses and excursions), the funding is used to finance a wide range of positions, from student assistants to lecturers, which contribute to improving teaching and services for students.

More information is available on the following pages:

Planning for the fiscal year 2020 is based on the following schedule.

Under General information you can find details on the legal aspects of budgeting tuition fee compensation (Agreement on the allocation of tuition fee compensation) as well as a handout with general information on the procedures established at FAU.

Under this heading you can also find forms which the faculties and University administration can use to apply for allocation of tuition fee compensation.

The body which is responsible for the distribution of tuition fee compensation at the University administration level is the Central Committee for the Allocation of Tuition Fee Compensation (ZGS). At Faculty/Department level, Faculty committees and Faculty sub-committees make recommendations for how the compensation should be used.

Who takes the final decision and what are the processes involved? Legal provisions stipulate that students have to be equally represented in any decisions regarding the allocation of tuition fee compensation. Further details are given under Allocation.