Students with disabilities

Studying successfully

All degree programmes at FAU are open to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Whether it is possible to study a particular subject successfully may depend on the type and severity of a student’s disability. The physical and mental energy required in order to study at university should not be underestimated.

Consultation at FAU

The Student Advice and Career Service is happy to help you find the degree programme which is right for you. Its staff can help you with general questions about studying and the various degree programmes and will be able to advise you on whether FAU offers the right conditions for your chosen subject. You can arrange an appointment for individual consultation if you would like. Please also consider discussing your study plans with a disabilities careers advisor at the Federal Employment Agency (see addresses below).

Central advice service in Berlin

The advice service for students with disabilities at the German National Association for Student Affairs has published a guide (German) for students with disabilities which contains lots of useful tips. It also provides the addresses for important disability support organisations. We recommend you read this book. It is also available in large print and braille and as an audio book.

Accessibility at FAU

FAU has many buildings which are over 100 years old which can be difficult to access for people with limited mobility. Some courses in Erlangen take place in buildings which do not have disabled access. Subjects in sciences and engineering are an exception. Subjects in disciplines of economics and engineering in Nuremberg are located in modern buildings with disabled access.

The University of Regensburg as an alternative

If you choose to study at FAU in Erlangen and Nuremberg, you will be offered all the support you need. We will do everything we can to ensure that you can study your chosen degree programme. However, if you decide that the conditions at FAU are not right for you, we recommend the University of Regensburg. It is the only university in Bavaria with full disabled access. For more information, please contact the social counselling service at the University of Regensburg’s Student Services (German)

Assistance during your studies

If you require assistance during your studies – such as a reader, assistant or sign language interpreter – you can apply for the costs of these to be covered by the regional social welfare authorities. The district authorities of Middle Franconia in Ansbach are responsible for students at FAU (see below). If you do not receive funding from the district authorities, you can also apply to the Dr.-Willi-Rebelein-Stiftung in Nuremberg.

Suitable accommodation

Students with a degree of disability (Grad der Behinderung – GdB) assessed as at least 70 percent will receive priority if they apply for a place in Student Services accommodation. There are six places in student accommodation on the Südgelände (southern campus) in Erlangen for students with limited mobility.


During the application procedure on and at FAU, there are a few additional things to take into account. If places for your chosen subject are allocated through a selection process, you may apply for compensation for disadvantages or special consideration due to a disability. You can ensure that you are admitted to study in your chosen location by submitting a special application called an Ortsbindungsantrag. In some cases, applicants with a chronic illness can also apply for these special considerations. If you wish to make an application, please seek advice beforehand.

Compensation for disadvantages during examinations

If, due to a disability or chronic illness, you require compensation for disadvantages during examinations, such as extra time or an extension of examination deadlines, please contact the appropriate Examinations Office (German).

We also recommend that you contact the Liaison Officer for Students with Disabilities beforehand for advice on the options available (see address above).
If you have been granted compensation for disadvantages during an examination please contact the lecturer responsible several weeks before the examination.

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