Required documents

Documents we need from you

Documents required from the host institution

The following documents are required from the host institution:

  • Betreuungszusage (supervisor’s note of acceptance) (in German)
  • if required, please provide the ‘information concerning the organisational unit’ in the Application for IDM Identification. The IDM application itself is prepared by the Central Office for International Affairs (RIA) and is then given to you to be signed.
  • the invitation letter to the placement student or visiting student (if applicable)
  • a confirmation showing the basis for the placement student’s or visiting student’s stay. This basis may be either a visiting programme, an academic exchange or confirmation that the student’s supervisor at FAU is the secondary reviewer for their thesis. RIA will gladly advise you on how to structure such a confirmation.
  • copy of the Mobility Agreement for Traineeships which Erasmus placement students must conclude with the host chair

Documents required from the placement student

The following documents are required from the placement student:

All documents can be sent to RIA as scans via e-mail initially. However, the signed original documents must then also be submitted at a later date.

Please send the documents to Peter Forna at RIA (e-mail:

In order for RIA to begin carrying out the necessary administration, we ask that the chair, institute or supervisor inviting the student register them as early as possible. Submitting the registration too late may delay the stay or even make it impossible.