Mature students

Mature students

At FAU, senior citizens can attend lectures and seminars. In the course catalogue under the section ‘Mature students’ (Seniorenstudium) you can see the courses that lecturers consider particularly suitable for mature students and which have therefore been specifically recommended.


If you are interested in studying as a mature student, you can choose to enrol either as a degree student or as a guest student.

Degree students aim to obtain a degree and therefore enrol for one specific degree programme. For this degree, the student has to attend a specific number of courses which are set out in the degree programme and examination regulations. The student must also obtain a specific number of credits or must pass a number of oral, practical and written examinations within a given period of time before they can obtain a Bachelor’s, Master’s or State Examination degree.

By contrast, guest students do not obtain a degree. Guest students are therefore free to choose the courses that are most to their liking from the wide range on offer. They can either start out by attending a lecture or can directly participate in a seminar – or both, depending on their interests and capacities. Therefore, the status of guest student is perfect for senior citizens who want to take a peek at what is going on at the University either for the first time or after a longer period of time outside of education.

If you decide to enrol for a full-time degree programme you have to complete certain formalities and fulfil several conditions, including the university entrance qualification required for the chosen degree programme. For more details please see Entry requirements and Application and enrolment.

If you choose to enrol as a guest student, you have to observe the following:

You can enrol even without a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification (allgemeine oder fachgebundene Hochschulreife) if you have at least an intermediate level school-leaving qualification (mittlerer Bildungsabschluss).

Please also note:

  • Normally, guest students should not enrol for more than six to ten semester hours per week.
  • As a rule, they cannot participate in any placements and courses at the Faculty of Medicine or courses with a limited number of participants.
  • Guest students can only enrol on two specific days during the first week of lectures. The exact dates can be found on the yellow information sheets for new students.

As a degree student you pay the Student Services contribution upon enrolment, irrespective of whether you have already obtained a degree in Germany. (Currently 42 Euro per semester. An additional charge of 72 euros covers the mandatory basic “semester ticket”)

The fee for guest students enrolling for up to 4 semester hours per week is 100 euros, for five to eight semester hours 200 euros and for more than eight semester hours 300 euros.

The Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) is the central point of contact for all prospective students and those seeking advice. Information on individual courses is provided by the lecturers whose office hours are available upon request from the institutes and chairs.