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Life in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

Life in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

FAU is located in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region,  one of the most vibrant, economically dynamic, attractive and popular regions in Germany. Here your child will find the perfect environment for academic success as well as a balanced and multi-faceted life outside of their university-related obligations. Nuremberg, with its more than 500,000 residents, is home to the larger of the two campuses. This city with its historic old centre and many green oases and excellent cultural institutions is a favoured tourist destination. Over 100,000 people live in Erlangen, including some 25,000 students. This high percentage of young people creates a special atmosphere and makes Erlangen an exciting and fascinating student town where there is always something going on.

The nearby ‘Franconian Switzerland’ region is a true natural paradise and can be quickly and easily reached by bike or public transport – travel on public transport is free to holders of a semester ticket. Climbing, hiking, cycling and boat tours, here your child can recharge their batteries and enjoy the most beautiful side of student life to the full with friends.