Wissenschaft auf AEG

Public lectures on current research

FAU presents exciting current research projects to the public in the lecture series ‘Wissenschaft auf AEG’. Students, school pupils and members of the public who are interested in research are invited to attend the public lectures.

The event location ‘Auf AEG’ – the former AEG site – has a unique atmosphere that provides the perfect setting for lecture series. It is a place that promotes knowledge and research where visitors are sure to learn something new. After the presentations the researchers will be happy to answer any questions.

Please note: the lectures will be held in German.

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Event location: Wissenschaft auf AEG

Energie Campus Nürnberg (EnCN)
‘Auf AEG’
Fürther Straße 250, forum on second floor
90429 Nürnberg


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Past events

Videos in this series can be found through our video portal.

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