Centralised quality management

Quality management and evaluation at FAU

Office of Teaching Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and evaluation are important for teaching and studying as they enable processes and internal structures to be defined and optimised. The Office of Teaching Quality Assurance (L8) is responsible for continuous degree programme development and evaluation, which allow quality assurance to be guaranteed.

Internal degree programme quality assurance

The following are important for degree programme development:

  • organisation and supervision of external certifications and accreditation in the area of teaching and studying, in particular the system accreditation process
  • development and co-ordination of the University’s internal process for degree programme development and certification
  • advice and assistance with quality management at faculty level
  • assistance for committees and support for the Executive Board

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The following are important for evaluation:

  • conducting and evaluation of student surveys
  • development of an overall model for the evaluation of teaching and studying at FAU
  • advice for those involved in centralised and decentralised evaluation (faculties, degree programmes or administration) on the benefits and limitations of evaluation procedures
  • organisation and co-ordination of University-wide studies (graduates/former students)
  • cohort studies and analysis of students’ progress
  • analysis of databases of student statistics

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