Public transport

Getting around easily

By bus and by train

All of the larger towns and cities in the region have good train connections. Long-distance ICE trains stop at Erlangen and Nuremberg, making them easy to get to from anywhere in Germany. The local public transport network (underground, overground, trams and buses) is also very comprehensive, so you shouldn’t need too much time to get from home to the University.

For information on local public transport, including the different tariffs, tickets and routes, please see

There is a semester ticket available to FAU students.

By plane

Flights to and from Nuremberg airport serve destinations both in and outside of Germany. The airport is particularly convenient as it is close to the city and has a direct underground connection with only a short walking distance to the terminal, as well as 7,000 parking spaces. For detailed information on flight destinations, bookings and parking, please see

By bike

Erlangen and Nuremberg are bike-friendly cities with a large network of bicycle lanes. Erlangen has been awarded the title of ‘bike-friendly community’ multiple times. You will see bicycles wherever you look in the city, as they are the preferred mode of transport for people of all ages. Around one in three people in Erlangen choose to cycle, making a significant contribution to the air quality and quality of life.