Sport and leisure

Something for everybody

There is plenty to do during your free time in and around Erlangen and Nuremberg. The city centres and the attractive surrounding countryside provide plenty of opportunities to discover new and interesting things, whether its during a stroll through town or a sporting adventure. Fränkische Schweiz, a paradise for climbers and walkers located to the north of Erlangen, is right on FAU’s doorstep and water sports enthusiasts will love the Franconian Lakes to the south of Nuremberg with the University’s water sports centre. All students and postgraduates enrolled at the University can enjoy a wide range of cultural events – theatre, opera, concerts, festivals and museums – at a reduced rate. In addition to all of these attractive possibilities, FAU and the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg offer plenty of opportunities to get involved with culture and sport.

Music, theatre and art

Students have ample opportunity to pursue their musical interests at FAU. The Akademische Chor (choir), Collegium Musicum (symphony orchestra), Big Band, Brass Ensemble and other musical groups practice every week in the Orangery in the Schlossgarten.
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University Sports

Every semester, University Sports organises a wide range of low-cost sports courses for students in Erlangen and Nuremberg. For information on the courses on offer, registration deadlines and fees, see

Language tandem

The cities of Erlangen, Nuremberg, and Fürth offer a large variety of cultural and recreational opportunities. In addition to the programmes offered by private institutions, the University also arranges a number of events and programmes.

Those who wish to improve their knowledge of German or another language which they are learning are invited to take part in the language tandem programme.

Volkshochschulen (adult education centres)

The Volkshochschulen in ErlangenFürth and Nuremberg offer a wide range of courses each semester, including language courses, cooking classes, sports classes and more. They also run professional development courses and various courses aimed at specific target groups.

Private institutions

Besides the University, there are many private organisations, clubs and and societies which offer a range of leisure activities.

Catholic and Protestant student communities

Both the Catholic student community (KHG) and the Protestant student community (ESG) organise a number of events for students each semester, such as film nights, football matches and trips.

Music at the University

FAU offers many different opportunities for music enthusiasts: whether you join a choir, brass band or chamber music ensemble, there’s something to suit every taste!

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Pubs, cinemas and theatres

A vibrant student city like Erlangen would not be complete without a few pubs, and in fact, there are so many of them in Erlangen and Nuremberg that everyone is bound to find something to suit their taste.

There are also several cinemas in Erlangen and Nuremberg.

Those who prefer the theatre to the cinema also have a number of locations to choose from in Erlangen and Nuremberg. Erlangen’s theatre and the theatre and opera house in Nuremberg offer a varied programme.

Theatre in Nuremberg:
Theatre in Erlangen: