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Third-party funding

Indicators of research excellence

Funding secured from third-parties is an important indicator of the quality of a university’s research. FAU is one of the strongest research universities in Germany which is reflected in the impressive amount of third-party funding which it attracts. From 2011 to 2015, the University’s third-party funding increased by more than 21 percent.

Third-party funding by sponsor in 2015

For many years, FAU has been one of the most successful universities in Germany when it comes to securing third-party funding. For example, it was ranked eleventh in the Funding Atlas 2012 by the German Research Foundation (DFG), which is based on the amount of DFG funding awarded.

Funding institution 2015
DFG funding EUR 76.50 m
Industry and foundations EUR 63.25 m
Endowed professorships EUR 1.84 m
Federal government (including Professorinnenprogramm) EUR 24.08 m
EU projects EUR 11.11 m
Other EUR 2.74 m
Total EUR 179.52 m

Graph: Third-party funding by sponsor

Third-party funding by subject group in 2015

When broken down into subject groups, engineering (73.76 million euros), medicine (46.93 million euros) and sciences (31.91 million euros) bring in the largest amount of funding, making up 86 percent of the total between them.

Subject group 2015
Humanities (including sport science and art) EUR 8.24 m
Law, economics, and social sciences EUR 11.44 m
Medicine (including Universitätsklinikum) EUR 48.93 m
Sciences EUR 31.91 m
Engineering EUR 73.76 m
Central Institutions EUR 5.24 m
Total EUR 179.52 m