History and successes

275 years of university history form the foundation for our success today

Established in 1743 by Margrave Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth and expanded in 1769 by Margrave Alexander, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität was transferred to the state of Bavaria in 1810. In 1818, the Schloss was officially donated to the University, and the hospital opened its doors in 1824.

In the summer semester of 1890, more than 1,000 students were enrolled at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität for the first time. Today, approximately 40,000 students study at our FAU campuses in Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg.

At an international level, FAU stands out as an innovative university founded on diversity with an outward-looking, international perspective. Universities are a community for teaching and learning, this universality is also represented in the full range of academic disciplines offered at FAU and FAU’s strong focus on research.

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