Equal opportunities

FAU is committed to diversity and equal opportunities

Implementing equal opportunities for all members of the University is a prime concern throughout FAU. It takes priority in all University bodies, boards and committees, as well as at all levels of planning and decision-making. FAU is committed to equality of opportunity and values diversity, taking a proactive and inclusive approach. No-one may be discriminated against on the grounds of their gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality/cultural heritage, religion, social status or a disability. Our aim is to actively promote a family-friendly University and research culture which is sensitive to issues of gender and diversity.

When it comes to matters relating to gender mainstreaming, diversity management and balancing studies, work and family, the Office of Equality and Diversity at FAU (in German) can provide all members of the University a comprehensive overview of which activities, projects, measures, initial points of contact and counselling services are available, as well as directing them to the correct point of contact for specific areas.

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