Information on the coronavirus and its impact on FAU

Information for students and members of staff at FAU

Information and updates on the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all areas of university life at FAU. In order to help you keep informed of everything that is going on, we have provided all the relevant information on our website, sorted according to topic and kept up to date at all times. Please check this website regularly for updates, and listen to the President’s podcasts to keep yourself up to date.

A face mask that covers the mouth and nose must be worn on university grounds, in communal areas and access routes in university buildings and when entering and leaving rooms. Masks must also be worn in offices whenever there is more than one person in the room.

Masks must be worn the whole time during face-to-face teaching sessions, by students and lecturers alike, even once you are seated, and even if you are still able to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

Until further notice, masks must also be worn the entire time during examinations. If you are unable to wear a mask during an examination for medical reasons, you must clarify this in advance with the person responsible for organising the examination.

It is stipulated in Section 25a (1) 7th BayIfSMV that masks are obligatory in all administrative districts or independent towns in which, according to the Robert Koch Institute or the LGL, the number of new cases has exceeded 35 cases per 100,000 population within the last 7 days or was exceeded less than 6 days ago. The figures taken as the basis for the decision are the figures published for the administrative districts and independent towns on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Public Health and Care Services (StMGP) at These figures are valid from the day following the day on which the figures were first published until the end of the day on which they were last mentioned.

FAQs on wearing masks (crisis team meeting on 21 October 2020)

On the basis of the current rules (obligation to wear masks connected to current rates of infection), the answer is no.

No. Perspex does not provide enough protection. The speaker produces aerosols for the duration of the presentation, and must therefore also wear a mask.

Face shields and FFP2 masks with an exhalation valve are not permitted, as they let the wearer’s breath flow out to the sides and do not provide sufficient protection.

Yes. Please also make sure that you ventilate the room regularly.


  • On the basis of the current rules: no
  • Linked to the current rate of infection


The University Library Erlangen-Nürnberg re-opened as normal on Montag 12 October 2020, whilst complying with all currently valid hygiene guidelines. All branch libraries are open again. The opening hours which usually apply in the lecture-free period will apply up to and including 30 October.

Self-study and working places can be booked online in advance for the central libraries and the branch library for law (02JU). Information is available at: For all other libraries, please speak to the person in charge, who will show you to a free desk.

Information on legal measures that apply to employees who have contracted Covid-19 or who are suspected of having contracted the virus is given under the Research and Work section Research and Work section. You should read this information carefully even if your place of employment is not currently affected.

Breaking the chain of transmission quickly helps the University to remain operational and may prevent potential closures. All managers and employees can contribute by reacting quickly to changes in their own health or the health of others but also by following preventative measures such as observing the hygiene regulations.

In principle, the health authorities are responsible for contact tracing in the case of infected individuals or suspected cases and implementing any measures required. However, valuable time may be lost before the health authorities take measures such as ordering a quarantine period. It is possible that during this time continued contact with infected individuals or suspected cases at work can cause other colleagues to become infected. For this reason, we ask managers to make employees aware of their own responsibility to inform immediate contacts in the case of infection or of a suspected infection, to avoid further contact with others, and if necessary to self-isolate following consultation with their manager or wear a face mask consistently. To assist the health authorities with contact tracing, affected employees should consider in advance with whom they have been in contact, when (number of days since), where (corridor, laboratory), for how long (<> 15 min), distance (<> 1.5 m) and if they were wearing a face mask.

The FAU crisis team meets regularly to monitor and assess the situation and prepares all relevant decisions taken by FAU. Please check this website regularly for updates.


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