Application and enrolment for international applicants

International applicants

Before applying for a place on a degree programme, you must first decide what you would like to study. With over 260 degree programmes to choose from, FAU offers a range of subjects and an interdisciplinary network that are unique in Germany.

Our State Examination and Bachelor’s degree programmes are aimed at those who have not yet completed a degree. During a Master’s degree, students can expand their specialist knowledge and further develop their academic skills. In addition, FAU offers teaching degree programmes (Lehramt) for primary schools, secondary schools (Mittelschule, Realschule and Gymnasium) and vocational schools.

More information about the contents and admission restrictions of all degree programmes at FAU is available in our degree programme catalogue.

For prospective international students, the next step of the application process is also dependent on which subject you would like to study (if you do not have German citizenship or a university entrance qualification obtained in Germany). Normally, you have to apply directly to FAU via the campo application portal for all undergraduate degree programmes. The final application deadline ends

  • on 15 July for the winter semester.
  • on 15 January for the summer semester.

After completing your online application, you must print and sign the completed application form (from the campo application portal) and send it by post to our Admissions Office (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Zulassungsstelle, Schlossplatz 4, 91054 Erlangen) with all the following documents:

Further documents may be necessary depending on the desired degree programme, your country of origin and your previous education.

  • If applicable: pre-university year certificate (e.g. applicants from Iran)
  • If applicable: university entrance examination certificate from your home country
  • If applicable: assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) for the degree programme in question (certified copy)
  • if you have completed previous periods of study: complete academic report/transcript of records
  • if you have completed a previous degree: degree certificate (e.g. Bachelor’s degree, Diplom)
  • Applicants who have completed previous periods of study in China or Vietnam: APS certificate (original)
  • Applicants from DSDI/DSDII schools in China: confirmation of identity from the German embassy (original)
  • Applicants for Food Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, or Dentistry must submit proof of passing the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber (DSH 2) or an equivalent examination.

  • Certified copies of foreign certificates that are not issued in German, English or French must be submitted with a certified translation. If your documents do not fulfil the requirements or if important certificates are missing, your application will not be processed. More information on document certification and translation is available here.
  • Completeness: Please note that for applications to be processed all necessary documents have to be enclosed. This means that applications must not be submitted without certificates and supporting documents.
  • Studienkolleg: Please ensure you find out whether you can apply directly for the degree programme you have chosen or whether you must first complete the ‘Studienkolleg’ or pass the assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung). More information is available on our page about the Evaluation of international qualifications and ‘Studienkolleg’.
  • Start of degree programme: The majority of undergraduate subjects can only be started in the winter semester; that means that enrolment for the summer semester is only possible for higher semesters. However, this is dependent on whether any previous course and examination achievements have been accredited.

In addition to submitting your application via campo, please note that for some Bachelor’s degree programmes you will also have to apply via the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV) managed by the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. This applies for the following degree programmes for winter semester 2021/22 (as of April 2021):

  • International Business Studies (BSc) in English
  • International Economic Studies (BSc) in English
  • Food Chemistry (State Examination)
  • Molecular Medicine (BSc)
  • Psychology (full time and part time (BSc)

More information about the dialogue-oriented service procedure is available at, where you will also find a DoSV checklist.

For degree programmes in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, please apply to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for University Admissions (SfH)) if you are:

  • an applicant from a European Union (EU) state
  • an applicant from an EEA country not in the EU (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)
  • a ‘BildungsinländerIn’ (foreign students at German universities who have attended a school in Germany)
  • an international applicant living in Germany with relatives who are EU/EEA citizens and work in Germany (e.g. husband, wife, parents).

Irrespective of your nationality, you are considered a ‘BildungsinländerIn’ if you have obtained your university entrance qualification in Germany or at a German school abroad. The same application conditions apply to you as those for prospective students from Germany.

Graduates of German schools abroad who want to start a degree programme at FAU receive particular support. The application procedure is based on the school-leaving qualification obtained.

  • Application procedure with a German ‘Abitur’
    If you have obtained the German general university entrance qualification Abitur at a ‘Gymnasium’ secondary school or a German secondary education certificate at a German school abroad, you are entitled to start a degree programme at any German university, irrespective of your nationality. This means you are a ‘BildungsinländerIn’. This means that you can apply to and enrol at FAU just like any German prospective student. Detailed information: Application and enrolment
  • Application procedure with the school-leaving qualification obtained in your home country
    If you have obtained a non-German school-leaving qualification at a German school or partner school in your home country or if you have obtained the International Baccalaureate and the Deutsches Sprachdiplom DSD II you can apply for a degree programme at FAU via the application procedure for international students.

Advice and support for applications from graduates of German schools abroad

FAU is part of the Bavarian support initiative for German schools abroad and partner schools abroad (Bayerische Betreuungsinitiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen – BayBIDS). As part of this initiative, we visit German schools abroad to introduce pupils there to the university. We also organise and support visits to FAU for pupils of German schools abroad.


Kerstin Seitz, Dipl.-Germ.

Schloßplatz 3, Ecke Halbmondstr. 6
91054 Erlangen

School leavers who apply for a degree programme at FAU can also apply for a one-year scholarship in the amount of 400 euros per month. More information on these support programmes is available on the BayBiDS (Bayerische Betreuungsinitiative Deutsche Auslands- und Partnerschulen) website:

Applicants who are at an international school and will gain the IB in 2021 will usually not have their final certificate in time for the application deadline for degree programmes with admission restrictions. You must therefore ensure that you have the relevant proof in good time so that your application can still be considered. The process depends on the degree programme you choose and your nationality. The following information is available in German only:

Please also note that you must also provide proof of sufficient proficiency in German. This proof is not required if your IB certificate lists ‘German A’ at the ‘Higher’ level.

Prospective doctoral candidates have to submit the permission form (‘Promotionsgenehmigung’) approved by the respective Faculty along with their transcripts/certificates to start a doctoral degree. You will only receive this permission if your degree from abroad is considered equivalent to the required German qualifications. You also need a note of acceptance (‘Betreuungszusage’) from your supervisor. More information (including the application requirements) is available on the Graduate Centre’s website.

If you want to spend one or two semesters at FAU as an exchange student (e.g. ERASMUS/SOKRATES programme) or a scholarship holder (e.g. DAAD), please contact FAU’s Office of International Affairs.

Admission to a Master’s programme requires a degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree. A list of the Master’s degree programmes currently on offer at FAU and an overview of the degree programmes taught in English and international degree programmes is available on our website.

Master’s degree applications are submitted online via the campo portal. All information on applications for Master’s degree programmes is available under Applying for Master’s degree programmes.

The secondary education qualification from your school in your home country does not necessarily entitle you to study at a German university. In many cases, international applicants have to take an assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) at a ‘Studienkolleg’ or provide proof of previous study periods in their home country before they are admitted to the degree programme. Detailed information is available on our page about the Evaluation of international qualifications and ‘Studienkolleg’.

With the exception of a small number of degree programmes, German is the teaching language at FAU. Proof of the relevant language skills is therefore essential for admission to a degree programme. Detailed information is available here: German language skills and certificates.

If your application for a place has been successful, you will receive an admissions letter (‘Zulassungsbescheid’) and you must then enrol for the degree programme you would like to study at FAU. You will then receive information on how and when to enrol and which documents are required in the admissions letter. Detailed information is available here: Registration/Enrolment.

How to apply at FAU via the Campo portal