Degree programmes

In Germany, students usually start university after achieving a university entrance qualification at 18 or 19. However, you might want to train for a job first and then go on to university, or even start out training for a job, acquire a university entrance qualification afterwards and then study while in employment. Or maybe you do not have any such qualification but you are successful in your job and want to study anyway.

FAU has developed programmes tailored to individual situations, enabling access to academic education. In addition to the regular degree programmes, FAU offers courses for gifted school pupils (Frühstudium) and for senior citizens (Seniorenstudium) – popular study options which have become an integral part of teaching at almost every university.

With the exception of a small number of Master’s degree programmes, German is the teaching language at FAU. Therefore, a good knowledge of German is an essential prerequisite to successfully completing a degree programme at our University.

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Degree programmes

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