Information for parents

The future of your child is our primary concern

Tradition and originality, top-level research and excellence in education, quality of life, individuality and community – these are the fundamental characteristics promoted by FAU. 40,000 young people are currently studying one or more of the 260 subjects we offer, and we see it as our main obligation to ensure that every student gets the best possible education and that we set them on the road to a successful future.

To do this, we work hand in hand with the parents and families of our students. As a parent, you are your child’s closest confidant in this important phase of life; as well as providing a supportive shoulder, you are an advice-giver and sometimes also the cashier of the bank of mum and dad – obviously, the well-being of your daughter or son is just as important to you as it is to us. So let’s work together to make sure your child has the future they deserve!

Here you can discover at a glance why FAU is the ideal university for your child.

Starting at FAU in summer semester 2021

When university starts in summer semester 2021, it will not be the same as in previous years. The continuing coronavirus pandemic and its consequences mean that starting university will be a rather different experience for our new first year students. One thing we can promise you, however, is that together we will make it possible for our new students to get off to the perfect start at university. FAU, its institutions, faculties and partners will still offer a wide range of services and introductory events to help them find their feet as they start out at university.

Start of the summer semester 2021