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Whether you have just finished school or have already held a successful career, studying at FAU will prepare you for your next step. Studying full-time or part-time, in German or English, in Erlangen or Nuremberg – the largest University in northern Bavaria is ready to welcome you.

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  • No matter where your home address is: Students at FAU can book an appointment for the coronavirus vaccination at the Erlangen vaccination centre. You can also just turn up without an appointment on 23 July, 27 July and 30 July.

  • Around the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, rhodoliths made up of coralline red algae provide ecological niches for a wide variety of organisms. A team of researchers from FAU, the University of Bayreuth and Senckenberg Research Institute in Wilhelmshaven has recently discovered a large quantity of microplastics in this ecosystem.

  • The amygdala plays a central role in the brain. It influences emotions such as anger and joy as well as sexual drive and reproduction. Researchers at FAU have now investigated the influence of certain neurons in the amygdala on the representation of pain in other regions of the brain.

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