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FAU, its institutions, faculties and partners offer a wide range of support when you are choosing a degree program, introductory events to help you when you are starting a degree program, and expert advice during the course of your degree program. FAU, the largest university in Northern Bavaria, is looking forward to welcoming you!

FAU Strategy Talks – Join in the discussion!

The FAU Strategy Talks offer students and staff a joint platform to shape the future strategy of FAU. You have the possibility to discuss current developments, the University’s strategic approach and future goals with the Executive Board.

Further information is available on our intranet after logging in with your IdM account.

  • Eine Allianz, acht Länder, zehn Universitäten – Versammelt beim EELISA Grand Meeting in Erlangen. Insgesamt mehr als 70 Studierende, Forschende, Mitarbeitende und Präsidentinnen und Präsidenten sind für verschiedene Arbeitstreffen für drei Tage an die FAU gereist. Gemeinsam haben sie gearbeitet, an Workshops teilgenommen und Maßnahmen für das nächste Jahr geplant Mit dabei: Jonathan Kolb. Er ist EELISA Student Representative der FAU.

  • Emperor penguins are an endangered species. Scientists are protecting the largest of all penguins by monitoring their numbers precisely and investigating which factors affect their population. A team led by researchers at FAU has now developed a reliable method that can predict the number of breeding pairs and chicks and serve as an early warning system for climate change in the Antarctic Ocean.

  • FAU alumna Dr. Chiara Seidl received her doctorate in art history from FAU and now advises private art collectors in New York on setting up and expanding their art collections. In the latest issue of FAU Alumni #JobInsights, Dr. Seidl provides insights into her job and reveals why networks and as much professional experience as possible are so important.

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