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As a diverse, open and innovative university, FAU thrives on the passion and respect all of its members put into their work. It offers everybody at FAU scope for personal and career development, creates flexibility and provides support in all stages and situations of life. It creates a climate of openness, recognition and equal opportunity, thus promoting excellence in studying, teaching, research and administration.

Your journey to FAU

Regardless of whether your journey at FAU starts with training, studying, research or any other type of occupation, the University offers help and advice for all stages of your career, pages with information and contacts to assist you.

Studying and working at FAU

People at FAU work in administration, teaching or in research, study at one of our five faculties and often keep close ties with the University after they have finished their studies. We have put together information for students, researchers, staff and alumni on the following pages.

  • Teachers must be able to include digital teaching and learning activities during their lessons to be able to teach digital skills. This is being addressed in a collaborative project involving FAU, which is being funded from June 2023 to December 2025 with around 6.3 million euros from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

  • FAU is not only one of the most innovative universities in Germany, but also ranks first place in this area in terms of sustainability. This has been confirmed in the latest THE Impact Ranking. In Germany, FAU scores top in the “Good health and well-being” category. In addition, the University is among the top 3 in Germany in the “Affordable and clean energy” and “Sustainable cities and communities” categories.

  • Artificial hands, even the most sophisticated prostheses, are still by far inferior to human hands. What they lack are the tactile abilities crucial for dexterity. Other challenges include linking sensing to action within the robotic system – and effectively linking it to the human user. Prof. Dr. Philipp Beckerle from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) has joined with international colleagues to summarize the latest findings in this field of Robotics – and establishing an agenda for future research.

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