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  • Habilitation award winners 2018: Dr. Milos Filipovic, PhD
    What was the subject of your habilitation thesis? In my habilitation research I tried to understand how gaseous transmitters produced in our body, nitric oxide…
  • The healing effect of radon
    Natural thermal water that contains radon has been used for over 100 years to treat chronic degenerative, inflammatory and musculoskeletal conditions. Most patients experience a…
  • Sudden ageing
    Coralline red algae have existed for 130 million years, in other words since the Cretaceous Period, the time of the dinosaurs. At least this was…
  • Using satellites to measure rates of ice mass loss in glaciers
    If you compare historical photos of glaciers with those taken more recently, you can see that where there was formerly ice there is now very…

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