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Do you have a question about FAU? Are you looking for an expert on a particular topic? Do you need a photo of a lecture theatre? The FAU Press Office is happy to help! Please do not hesitate to call us on +49 9131 8570229.


  • Student survey being conducted for the second time
    The FAU student survey ‘FAU-St’ is being conducted for the second time. Starting on 10 January, students are invited to share their opinions of study…
  • Why snow collapses suddenly under pressure
    Materials scientists at FAU have demonstrated for the first time in an experiment that collapsing connections between ice crystals are responsible for snow giving way…
  • FAU closed during the holiday season
    To save energy during the holiday season, the University will be closed from 24 December 2016 until 1 January 2016. The University Administration service centres such…
  • Guards of the human immune system unraveled
    Dendritic cells represent an important component of the immune system: they recognize and engulf invaders, which subsequently triggers a pathogen-specific immune response. Scientists of the…

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Nuremberg Moot Court