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Are you looking for an expert on a particular topic? Do you need permission for filming at FAU buildings or on FAU property? Do you need some background information about the University? The FAU Press Office is happy to help! We write press releases and publish announcements for events, maintain our social media channels and the website, hold press conferences and interviews, and consolidate the media coverage of our researchers. We publish our print magazines several times a year, provide support to FAU researchers with PR activities, function as contacts for websites and provide assistance with all enquiries regarding internal and external communication at the University.


  • Vaccination offer for students
    Everyone over the age of 16 now has the possibility of getting vaccinated quickly against Covid-19. This also applies to people who are not registered…
  • FAU team discovers microplastics in Arctic ecosystem
    Around the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, rhodoliths made up of coralline red algae provide ecological niches for a wide variety of organisms. A…
  • Antagonistic neurons and pain signals
    A central role in processing emotions has been ascribed to the almond shaped amygdala arranged in pairs in the brains of mammals. The amygdala ‘evaluates’…

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