Site development at FAU

A decade of change

Construction measures: FAU is changing its face and the cityscape in Erlangen and Nuremberg

Diagram: City

This decade will bring important construction measures that will have a lasting impact on the appearance of FAU and the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg in the long term.

Campus development: Consolidating and focusing on three campus locations at FAU

Financing: Free State of Bavaria investing millions of euros

Diagram: Money

Plans are already underway for construction projects worth over 1.5 billion euros, others are to follow.

View to the future: Impressions from planned construction projects

Draft for the facade of the Himbeerpalast.
Image: Schulz und Schulz Architekten GmbH, Leipzig
Draft for NTC building.
image: doranth post architekten GmbH, Munich
Architect’s model for the Himbeerpalast
Image: FAU/Harald Sippel
Architect’s plan for the interior of the ECAP building.
Image: Glass Kramer Löbbert Architekten GmbH, Berlin together with dichter Architekturgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
Diagram of a multi-story car park.
Diagram: TeamJÜRGENS – architekten und ingenieure
Draft for the exterior of the ECAP building.
image: Glass Kramer Löbbert Architekten GmbH, Berlin together with dichter Architekturgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
Draft for the interior of the ECAP building.
Image: Glass Kramer Löbbert Architekten GmbH, Berlin together with dichter Architekturgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
Visualization of exterior of future lecture hall complex and forecourt
Image: a+r Architekten GmbH

Join in and share your ideasDiagram: Signpost

Would you like to help shape FAU and have your say in our site development? Get involved in our construction community open to all members of FAU (name of group: “Das Jahrzehnt des Wandels – Standortentwicklung an der FAU”, or in English “The decade of change – Site development at FAU”)

Join in and share your ideas

At a glance

The following pages give a brief overview of which areas and which locations of FAU are currently affected, and which new buildings are in the pipeline.

Schloss in Erlangen.
Image: FAU/Celina Henning

FAU Campus Erlangen Center

Roter Platz
Image: FAU/Erich Malter

FAU Campus Erlangen South

WiSo building
Image: David Hartfiel

FAU Campus Nuremberg

Frequently asked questions

What has funding been provided for? Which projects have been approved so far?

Over 1.5 billion euros of funding has now been approved for site development at FAU. In Erlangen city center, this includes refurbishment of the “Himbeerpalast” building and the new lecture hall center in Henkestrasse, renovation of the Schloss, Anatomy department and successive sewer rehabilitation works in FAU areas. Two prefabricated lecture complexes, new buildings for Technical Chemistry and the second construction phase of the Chemistry building as well as the necessary development measures including a parking garage are major projects in FAU Campus Erlangen (South) that can be implemented using these funds. Furthermore, planning approval has been granted for a north Bavarian computing center on the extended FAU Campus Erlangen (South). The sum mentioned above does not include other major projects that are already operational or are nearing completion (such as ECAP) or have already been initiated, but are being financed by different means, such as the commissioned building for Education Science (call for tender for rental premises in North Nuremberg).

Which projects are next in the pipeline?

Applications are currently at the drafting stage or are already being finalized for other urgent projects (including the Kollegienhaus, Materials Science and Engineering, renovation of MHB building).

Further information

All major construction projects at FAU that the Bavarian government has in principle agreed to implement at the current time or in the future are listed in the currently valid budget of the Free State of Bavaria (see draft for 2023: Einzelplan 15, Anlage S (individual plan 15, Appendix S) (listing of state construction measures totaling over 3,000,000 euros in any individual instance).

Energy-efficient construction and renovation works

As FAU is a Bavarian university, construction and renovation works are subject to the ambitious requirements of the Free State of Bavaria concerning energy-efficient construction. Further information is available (in German) on the following websites:



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