Finding your way around: contacts and directions

Finding your way around: contacts and directions

Contacts and directions

FAU is made up of hundreds of departments and institutes with several thousand members of staff. You can find their contact details on the websites of the individual departments and institutes or in the

Contact information system

There is a general overview of the structure of FAU and the University Administration on the main FAU website.

Student Advice Center

Halbmondstraße 6-8
91054 Erlangen


Maximiliansplatz 2
91054 Erlangen

Welcome Center

Helmstr. 1, Eingang B, Erlangen

FAU Press Office

Richard-Wagner-Straße 2
91054 Erlangen

Reporting faults

Please contact the University Control Center (Leitwarte) in the event of any problems related to buildings and facilities.

Service request form (IdM-Login required)

Fire department and ambulance: 112

Police: 110

(when calling from the FAU network there is no need to dial 09 for an external call)

When making an emergency call, give the following details:

  • Where did it occur?
  • What happened?
  • How many people are affected?
  • What is the nature of their illness or injury?
  • Wait to answer any questions.

Our ‘what to do in an emergency’ website gives details of what to do in an emergency, including in the event of fire, menacing situations, mental health crisis, IT security issues or the like.


FAU is based in two main locations – Erlangen and Nuremberg. There are also some parts of the University which are based in other areas of the region, such as in Fürth. The addresses of the various departments and institutes are available on their websites.

No matter where you want to go in Erlangen city centre, everything is close at hand. All of the locations within the city centre are only about 10 minutes away from each other. The best way around the city centre is by foot – or by bike, of course. If you do come by car, we would recommend parking immediately behind the main station in the large station car park known locally as the Großparkplatz. From there, it is only a few minutes to the city centre. Refer to Google Maps or another map service for detailed directions. By train: The main station in Erlangen is virtually in the city centre. The nearest airport is in Nuremberg. From there, the quickest way into Erlangen is by bus (Nuremberg airport to Erlangen Arcaden), or alternatively by train via Nuremberg main station. If you have to go to FAU Campus Erlangen South or the Department of Sport Science and Sport, it is best to get off at the S-Bahn station ‘Erlangen Paul Gossen Straße’. From there, it is just a few stops on the bus to your destination. There are also buses via the north of Nuremberg if you are coming from Nuremberg. Timetables are available from Deutsche Bahn and the local public transport company, VGN.

You can either take the U-Bahn, the Regionalexpress or the S-Bahn to get from Nuremberg to Fürth. The quickest way to and from Erlangen from Fürth is by Regionalexpress or S-Bahn. If you are travelling from Nuremberg airport, you can get a bus directly to the stop Fürther Rathaus. From there, you can continue your journey on foot, by underground train or by bus, depending on where you want to go. If you are arriving by ICE, change trains at Nuremberg main station and take the Regionalexpress, S-Bahn trains or or underground train to Fürth. Timetables are available from Deutsche Bahn and the local public transport company, VGN. If you are coming by car, the A73 takes you to Fürth. The FAU Fürth campus is very close to the exit Nürnberg/Fürth and has a car park you can use.

The best way to travel around Nuremberg is by public transport. There is an extensive network of trams, underground trains, the S-Bahn trains and buses which cover nearly the whole of Nuremberg. Timetables are available from Deutsche Bahn and the local public transport company, VGN. However, the city centre is also easy to reach from the main station, and cycling is also a good option. Several motorways from the North, South, East and West converge in the city. In Nuremberg itself there are plenty of parking garages and public parking spaces, even in and around the city centre. From the airport, it takes about 20 minutes on the underground train to the city centre. The School of Business, Economics, and Society is spread over two sites in Nuremberg. For more details of how to get there, refer to its website. If you are looking for the Regensburger Straße Campus, the Chair of Education’s website gives good directions.

Use the FAU map service to find University buildings:



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Filing an objection electronically

Please note the requirements for sending an electronic document with a qualified electronic signature on the page