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Scientists and academics sit in their ivory towers and ponder things which no-one else understands? Far from it! Research explores the world around us and is meant to be experienced. FAU holds several events and has many ways of making research accessible, getting people involved, and inspiring interest in the fascinating world of science.


Lightbulb with brain
Bild: Panthermedia/Peshkov

‘Wissenschaft im Schloss’ and ‘Wissenschaft auf AEG’ are being transformed into a new and exciting format called ‘#WISSENWOLLEN’ where several times each semester researchers will present their current projects in simple terms and answer questions.

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Collegium Alexandrinum

What work is being carried out in institutes, clinics and research centres? Collegium Alexandrinum provides some insights during presentations and tours.

Information and dates are published at:

Erlangen University Days

Talks in Amberg in spring and Ansbach in autumn with researchers from FAU.

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Home Game Science

Scientists report on their research in their home towns. Among them: researchers from FAU.

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The FAU video portal provides recordings of public lectures and other fascinating topics.

Academic knowledge accessible to all online

FAU is one of the universities involved in the OPEN vhb platform, where professors working at Bavarian universities upload courses and make them available free of charge to the public. It is free to register.

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Current press releases and events

Our current press releases, public events, presentations, guided tours, workshops and more are published here:

What’s currently going on at FAU?

More events

FAU’s Roman ships Fridericiana Alexandrina Navis and Danuvina alacris (DUC)

Rowing like the Romans: In conjunction with students, school pupils and volunteers, researchers at FAU have built a full-size replica Roman patrol and convoy boat.

More information about the Roman boat:


Video series about the Roman boat in FAU’s video portal

Men in Roman costume
Naming ceremony and maiden voyage of F.A.N. to Fürth and Nuremberg (Image: FAU/Georg Pöhlein)

Talks with the President

Researchers discuss their exciting current research topics with FAU President Prof. Joachim Hornegger.

Knowledge in 2 minutes

‘Knowledge in 2 minutes’ presents interesting projects and fields of research from engineering and computer science where students and researchers work hand in hand.

Long Night of Sciences

More than 20,000 people with a thirst for knowledge visit various locations in Nuremberg, Fürth, and Erlangen during the Long Night of Sciences, both during the afternoon for the children’s programme and long into the night. The event offers a look behind the scenes in labs and institutes and fascinating insights into the world of science, research and technology.

More information and photos are available on the event’s website.

The FAU video team filmed the events in the Audimax during the Long Night of Sciences.

Collections and museums

School pupil
Workshop: ‘Geniale Wissenschaft – selbst erleben’ – Experience science for yourself. Image: Schulmuseum Nürnberg

How does our school education influence us today and how was it 100 years ago? How do you develop a maths workshop or a history lab? These are just some of the things you can find out at Schulmuseum Nürnberg, a cooperation between FAU and the city of Nuremberg. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the Schulmuseum has learning workshops and learning labs. A new project has been started called ‘Geniale Wissenschaft – selbst erleben’ (Experience science for yourself)

Schulmuseum website

Several of the FAU’s collections are open to the public and guided tours take place regularly or on request, for example the Antique and Classical Collection or the Computer Technology Collection.

The collections even have their own Facebook page.

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People in a museum.
Images: David Hartfiel, Georg Pöhlein, ISER, David Hartfiel

Botanical garden Erlangen

The University’s botanical garden is right in the city centre, directly next to the Erlangen Schlossgarten. It is open all year round and entry is free of charge. Guided tours, talks and exhibitions are offered on a regular basis.

Botanical garden website

guided tour through the botanical garden
Image: Walter Welß

JOSEPHS – FAU’s open innovation lab

Engage interactively and test new ideas from companies in JOSEPHS innovation lab in Nuremberg. Just come along to Karl-Grillenberger-Strasse during the opening hours and see for yourself.

JOSEPHS’ website

Events at JOSEPHS

Josephs Innovation Lab (Image: Fraunhofer IIS/Franziska Birk)
Josephs Innovation Lab (Image: Fraunhofer IIS/Franziska Birk)

Bionicum at Nuremberg Zoo

Technical innovations that take nature as a model: In Bionicum at Nuremberg Zoo, visitors can learn more about bionics in an interactive exhibition. FAU cooperates with Bionicum both in teaching and in research in the Netzwerk Bionik Bayern (Bavarian Bionics Network).

Website of the Bionicum visitors’ centre

Interactive elements in the exhibition in Bionicum
Image: Bavarian State Office for the Environment/Mile Cindric


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    FAU has its own YouTube channel for presenting the University in videos in German and English. Whether it’s information about our degree programmes, interesting reports from research and teaching or videos about our events – visitors to our YouTube channel are always up to date with what’s going on.

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    From university events to interesting stories from the University: which student-related topics are people currently talking about? What are the most important upcoming events, from the Science Slam to the short film event to the faculty party?

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    See more of FAU: images of the University and various aspects of student life are posted on our Instagram feed several times a week. The University also reposts images from other Instagram users. You can find FAU under the name uni_fau and all images include the hashtags #unifau and #fau_germany.

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    If you never want to miss an important date again you can follow FAU on Twitter: FAU tweets all dates and events relevant for students. We out Twitter channel to present FAU’s strength in research and innovation to the international scientific community and to the public. What research is FAU currently undertaking? Who is working on the research projects? Who does FAU collaborate with internationally? If you want to find out more about these and other research topics, our channel is the place to go.


Markttage des Wissens – Knowledge Market Days

In 2018, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg celebrated its 275th anniversary. To celebrate this occasion and to share its knowledge, the University held three ‘Knowledge Market Days’: in Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen.

Researcher shows visitors an object
FAU celebrated its 275th anniversary and offered knowledge with the fresh produce usually on offer, at the ‘Knowledge Market Days’, here in Erlangen. (Image: FAU/Harald Sippel)

Science Sets Sail

‘Casting off’: In 2017, a crew from FAU set sail on the ‘Thor Heyerdahl’. Nine teams sailed alternately from Kiel via Malmö, Riga, Helsinki, Tallinn and Gdańsk to Rostock. During the ‘Open Ship Days’, members of the public were able to get an impression of what FAU has to offer.

More information about the project:

Hoisting the sails
Which rope do I have to pull? The researchers sailed the ship themselves. (image: FAU/Regine Oyntzen)