Application and enrolment

Applying for a degree programme at FAU

We are pleased that you are applying for a degree programme at FAU.

Some of the following information applies to applicants who have obtained the German general university entrance qualification Abitur, irrespective of their nationality. This is why some of the relevant information is only given in German.

Different application and enrolment processes apply to international applicants.

If you are unsure which application process applies to you, please contact the FAU Student Advice and Career Service for assistance before making an application.

Starting at FAU this winter semester

When university starts in winter semester 2020/21, it will not be the same as in previous years. The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences mean that starting university will be a rather different experience for you, our new first year students. One thing we can promise you, however, is that together we will make it possible for you to get off to the perfect start at university. FAU, its institutions, faculties and partners will still offer a wide range of services and introductory events to help you find your feet as you start out at university.

Start of the winter semester 2020/21

How to apply for a place at FAU

There are different ways to apply for a place on a Bachelor’s or State Examination degree programme at FAU. How you apply depends on the admissions requirements of the programme you want to study. You can find this information on the page “All degree programs“.

To be admitted to a Master’s degree programme you must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

General information on applications