How to enrol for your degree programme

The Student Advice and Careers Service, Admissions and Scholarships, Student Records Office and Examinations Office are still there for you. You can reach us by phone, by e-mail or by using our contact forms. Further information

After registering or applying via or the national application procedure via and transferring your semester fees, you can enrol during the set period. In order to enrol you must submit all required documents.

Enrolment periods

Depending on which degree programme you are applying for, you can enrol either by post or by e-mail. You can find out whether you need to enrol via post or by e-mail in your enrolment application, which is available to download from your user account at under ‘Onlineantrag auf Einschreibung’ (online enrolment application).

Only applicants enrolling for a place on degree programmes without admission restrictions can apply by post (including Master’s degree programmes with the exception of MSc Psychology).

If this applies to you (see enrolment application in campo), you are simply required to transfer your semester fees and then send all required documents to the Student Records Office by post. Documents must be received in the period from 27 July until 30 September 2020 for the winter semester 2020/21. The receipt date shall apply. The postal address of the Student Records Office’s can be found in your enrolment application.

It can take between two and three weeks to process applications submitted by post. This can be longer if the submitted documents are not complete. If documents are submitted just before the deadline, no guarantees can be made that the student documents will be sent by the beginning of the semester. This will also apply if payment of the semester fees is not made in time.

You can only enrol for degree programmes with admission restrictions by sending an e-mail to within the deadlines stated in your letter of admission. Please note that applicants who are offered a place on a degree programme with admission restrictions can only access the enrolment application once they have submitted an enrolment application via campo. To do this, please click on ‘Immatrikulation beantragen’ (apply for enrolment) in campo.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Enrolment application: After completing the online application (deadline 30 September 2020 for the winter semester 2020/21) or, in the case of degree programmes with admission restrictions, after receiving the admissions letter, please print the enrolment application from the online portal and sign it.
  2. ID card or passport: International students are required to bring their passport.If you are enrolling by post, a normal copy is sufficient.
  3. Proof of university entrance qualification (not required by doctoral candidates): Certificate proving that the applicant is qualified for university entrance in the Free State of Bavaria for the chosen degree programme (e.g. secondary education certificate, fachgebundene Hochschulreife from BOS/FOS). Entrance qualification for advanced technical colleges (Fachhochschulreife; FOS12) alone does not qualify applicants for a degree programme at FAU. Prospective students with an advanced technical college entrance qualification can be admitted to the same or a subject-related degree programme if they provide proof of having achieved the examination achievements required for the first two semesters according to the relevant (university of applied sciences) examination regulations. Qualified professionals must only bring a certificate from a study advisor proving that a counselling session has taken place. If you are enrolling by post, you must submit a certified copy. If you are enrolling by e-mail for a degree programme with admission restrictions, it is enough to send a scanned copy of your original documents.
    German applicants with foreign qualifications who wish to enrol in a degree programme without admission restrictions, should contact the Admissions Office for International Applicants to confirm that their certificate can be accepted (see Information for German applicants with foreign qualifications).
  4. Proof of statutory health insurance: If you are insured with a statutory health insurance provider, you can obtain proof of your statutory health insurance for enrolment at a university from your insurance provider. A health insurance card or general confirmation of membership is not sufficient. If you are insured with a private health insurance provider or if you are exempt from statutory insurance, you will require confirmation from a statutory health insurance provider regarding statutory insurance (e.g. exemption from statutory health insurance). A confirmation from your private health insurance provider is not sufficient. Please address questions regarding health insurance to the statutory health insurance providers. You will find further information on our website.
  5. Confirmation of semester fee payment (for example bank transfer confirmation, bank statement. The following data should be visible: account holder, IBAN, BIC, date of bank transfer, payment reference, and amount paid. All other data can be blacked out.)

  1. Admissions letter: Admissions letter from FAU, or Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (SfH) for applications for degree programmes with admission restrictions.
  2. Proof of having passed the qualifying examination or qualification assessment process: Please find out whether a qualifying examination (Eignungsprüfung, EPF) or qualification assessment process (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren, EFV) is required from the information on the desired degree programme.
    If you are enrolling by post, a normal copy is sufficient.
  3. Proof of placement: In some degree programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, a six-week placement is required before the start of the degree programme. For information regarding which degree programmes this applies to, please see the degree programme catalogue. A confirmation from the work placement office showing you completed the pre-study placement must be presented upon enrolment in person. A placement contract is not sufficient. Please address any questions regarding the pre-study placement directly to the responsible work placement office. For further information, please visit the work placement office’s website.If you are enrolling by post, a normal copy is sufficient.
  4. Training contract: Required for enrolment in co-operative degree programmes.If you are enrolling by post, a normal copy is sufficient.

  1. Certificate showing the duration of studies: If you have already been enrolled at a German university in the past, a certificate showing details of the degree programme, the duration of your studies and your de-registration is required.
  2. Confirmation of suitability: For students changing to a different subject in a higher semester, the confirmation of suitability form must be filled out by the previous university (see enrolment application).
  3. Degree certificate: Required if you have already completed a degree. If you are enrolling by post, you must submit a certified copy.
  4. Proof of having sat the preliminary or intermediate examination: Required if enrolment for the semester in question is subject to a preliminary or intermediate examination.
  5. Accreditation of semesters issued by the Examinations Office responsible: In the event of lateral entry into a higher semester, accreditation of semesters required for the admission which has been granted is required.

International applicants must first apply for admission to FAU via the campo application portal. You will then receive information on how and when to enrol and which documents are required in the admissions letter. Detailed information on the application procedure is available under Application and enrolment.

  1. Examination certificates: Foreign examination certificate(s) which qualify you for entrance to university and, where necessary, the certificate from the Studienkolleg (with de-registration certificate from the university to which the Studienkolleg belongs). If you are enrolling by post, you must submit a certified copy. If you are enrolling by e-mail, it is enough to send a scanned copy of your original documents.
  2. Admissions letter from the Admissions Office for degree programmes without admission restrictions: International applicants also require an admissions letter for degree programmes without admission restrictions and must therefore have submitted an application within the applicable deadline.
  3. Applicants who have passed the assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) can enrol directly for degree programmes without admission restrictions if all other requirements are met. Exception: For degree programmes that require a qualification assessment process (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren, EFV), applicants require an admissions letter and must therefore have submitted an application to the Admissions Office within the applicable deadline.
  4. German applicants with foreign university entrance qualifications must contact the FAU Admissions Office to confirm that their qualification is accepted before they can enrol. Further information is given under ‘Information for German applicants with foreign qualifications’ on this page.
  5. Proof of sufficient proficiency in German: All international applicants require proof of proficiency in German (for example a certificate showing a pass in the DSH or TestDaF examination) unless they have completed a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) or passed the assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung).
  6. State recognition of foreign certificates for state examinations in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy: Applicants with foreign university entrance qualifications must submit confirmation from an Office for the Recognition of Certificates (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle) that their certificate has been officially recognised. If the required university entrance qualification was obtained by completing an assessment examination (Feststellungsprüfung) at a recognised Studienkolleg, confirmation from an Office for the Recognition of Certificates is not required.

If you have German citizenship and you have obtained your university entrance qualification in a country other than Germany and you would like to enrol in a degree programme without admission restrictions, please contact the Admissions Office for International Applicants in good time before the enrolment period to confirm whether your certificates can be accepted. This is important to avoid complications in the enrolment procedure. Please include proof of citizenship with your documents and state which degree programme without admission restrictions you wish to apply for at FAU.

Enquiries that are not related to the verification of foreign university entrance qualifications of German citizens received via this address will be deleted without reply.

Please note that certificates may be checked relatively quickly from the start of October to the end of June of the following year, however enquiries received from the start of July to the end of September usually take longer to process which may affect your ability to enrol on time. Please also be aware that applicants with foreign qualifications need to provide proof of proficiency in German. If you need to take the DSH examination, please collect an application form at the Admissions Office.

Doctoral degrees, guest students and changing degree programme

Applicants for a doctoral programme require:

  1. Online registration of their doctoral proposal at
  2. Printed and signed enrolment application from online application via (deadline 30 April 2020 for the summer semester 2020).
  3. ID card or passport
  4. Confirmation of statutory health insurance or exemption from statutory insurance (only required for doctoral candidates under 30 years of age); please contact your health insurance provider
  5. Confirmation of your status as a doctoral candidate at FAU (can be downloaded from docDaten under ‘Dokumente’ once you have been admitted)

In order to complete enrolment, please send all documents stated above to

As we are closed to the public until further notice, it is unfortunately not possible for you to enrol in person at the Students Records Office. You can, however, enrol as a guest student at FAU by post.

In order to enrol as a guest student or mature student you require:

  1. Two copies of a guest student enrolment application
  2. A copy of your ID card (front and back) or passport
  3. Proof of university entrance qualifications, either
    1. a copy of your school leaving certificate (Abitur) or degree certificate if you have studied in Germany (international applicants also require the documents listed under ‘international applicants’)
    2. or, alternatively, a copy of a previous stamped application for enrolment as a guest student at FAU (if possible the most recent)
  4. Proof that you have paid the student fees applicable to guest students (depending on the number of semester hours for the required lectures), e.g. proof of bank transfer (see enrolment application). The fees must have been paid by bank transfer at least four days before your enrolment documents are sent.

Please enclose a self-addressed envelope together with your documents (‘DIN Lang’ or letter envelope without a window). Please send all the required documents to the following address:

FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Referat L 5 – Studierendenverwaltung

Schlossplatz 4

91054 Erlangen

We will process your application as soon as we have received your documents by post and your payment. If you are successfully enrolled as a guest student we will then send a stamped copy of your enrolment application together with your StudOn login credentials by post to the address you have given us.

More details are available in the section on guest students.

If you have already enrolled at FAU and have re-registered for the semester in which you would like to change degree programme and have paid the semester fee, you will need to complete the application to change degree programme. You may also need to submit your admissions letter with a copy of your Abitur certificate (or equivalent university entrance qualification), proof that you have passed the qualifying examination (Eignungsprüfung, EPF) or qualification assessment process (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren, EFV) or proof of your placement when you apply to change degree programme.

If you have the fachgebundene Hochschulreife, a copy of your Abitur certificate is also required, even if you are enrolling for a degree programme without admission restrictions.

Changing degree programmes may be undertaken by post, fax or e-mail up until lectures start. For degree programmes that require advance registration, the application for changing degree programme must be submitted by the earlier deadline.

Please also note other application and transfer procedures and deadlines apply for changing to a degree programme with admission restrictions.

After you enrol

If your documents are complete and your payment has been received, you will be enrolled and will receive an information letter with the activation code for your University user account (which you will also need for printing student documents), either in person or via post.

You will receive a letter with your student ID (FAUcard) from the FAUcard Service Office three weeks after activating your user account at the earliest. Your FAUcard can only be issued after you have uploaded a photo during the activation process.

You can print out a certificate of enrolment as many times as you require from the mein campus portal. You will receive your log-in details for mein campus via post.