Bavarian Research Associations

Strong research collaborations with experts from politics and industry

Bavarian Research Associations (Bayerische Forschungsverbünde) are research projects which involve researchers at several locations in Bavaria and usually last for three or six years. Research Associations are set up in response to contemporary affairs or as a direct investment in the future to secure Bavaria’s strength in research and industry. They also involve partners from industry who are actively involved in research in addition to providing funding. The private public partnership ensures that the results of the research are quickly put into practice. Public funding is provided by the Bavarian Research Foundation and the Bavarian Ministries, in particular the Bavarian Ministry for Education, Science and the Arts.

Current Research Associations

Care is a challenging sociopolitical topic in times of increasing globalisation and demographic change. Changing gender roles and the question of who provides care for whom are increasingly at the forefront of social debate.

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Digitalisation is fundamentally changing our society and our individual lives and involves both opportunities and risks for our health. In some cases, how we use digital technologies and media leads to negative stress (distress), burnout, depression and other health risks. On the other hand, stress can also have a positive and constructive effect (eustress), which should be promoted. Technology is now so far advanced that digital technologies and media can keep track of and promote the health of their users thanks to increasing levels of artificial intelligence, adaptivity and interactivity.

The aim of the ForDigitHealth research association is to analyse the health effects of the increased presence and intense use of digital technologies and media in their many forms – in particular how digital distress and eustress arise and their implications – as well as to develop and evaluate options for prevention and intervention. In doing so, the research association will contribute to appropriate, conscious, individual and collective use of digital technology and media that promotes health.

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The human brain has a complicated architecture of diverse and specialised cells, like neurons, glial and microglial cells. These cells form functional and dynamic circuits and their interaction is of fundamental importance for the various functions of the human brain.
Many questions about the role of various cells for the function of the brain both in healthy individuals and during illness still remain unanswered. The Bavarian Research Association ForInter aims to investigate the interaction of various types of cells in the human brain in multi-dimensional cell culture systems based on the following hypothesis.

Defined human cell-cell systems are capable of modelling physiological and pathological interactions in the human brain.
The achievements in biology and stem cell research of the last few years have laid the foundation for the generation of multidimensional cell-culture systems and 3D brain organoids (mini-brains) that promise new insights into structural and dynamic interactions. As a model, they allow the investigation of normal human physiology in brain development and pathological processes.

ForInter brings together researchers in neurology with expertise in fundamental biology and human stem cell biology, neuropathologists, and translational neurologists. Additionally, researchers in bioinformatics as well as in the field of ethics and law contribute their expertise in this interdisciplinary network.

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The research association ‘FORobotics – mobile, ad-hoc cooperating robot teams’ is taking the innovative approach of combining the skills of various robots into teams in order to boost productivity. In order to achieve their goal, the association is working out innovative, technical solutions and methods aimed at allowing co-operating robot teams to be formed and put to use in production, with the teams consisting either of various robot systems or of robots and humans.

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