Emerging Fields Initiative

Innovative ideas in focus

Bild: FAU

Image: FAU

FAU is one of Germany’s leading research universities and represents a diverse range of outstanding academic approaches and perspectives. As a full-spectrum university, it brings all disciplines together, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

FAU offers perfect conditions for stimulating innovative ideas, which often span different fields of research.

FAU launched its Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) to support emerging projects in 2010. EFI aims to promote outstanding, preferably interdisciplinary collaborative research projects at an early stage and in a flexible and non-bureaucratic way.

By applying for EFI funding, renowned FAU researchers can put visionary ideas into practice, allowing them to react more effectively to upcoming research challenges. A strict selection process ensures the quality of the research projects.

Gait analysis of a Parkinson’s patient using the eGaIT system (image: Kurt Fuchs)

Gait analysis of a Parkinson’s patient using the eGaIT system (image: Kurt Fuchs)

FAU will be breaking new ground with EFI from 2021 and will increase its support for research that has already made the leap from emerging to excellent research and that shows additional potential for development. Our partner in this field is the STAEDTLER Foundation, which is supporting the initiative with a matching funds model.

The new FAUconnect networking format allows access to the EFI funding application process. Following this, the possibility of EFI funding is assessed in conjunction with the Executive Board of the University. The specific purpose of two-year funding with a maximum funding amount of 300,000 euros per year is to prepare a collaborative proposal for an external funding provider. Priority is given to funding projects that enable FAU to position itself well in the context of the Excellence Strategy.

With the Emerging Fields Initiative, FAU is encouraging dialogue among researchers at the University as well as boosting its reputation as a leading university. In addition, EFI contributes to increasing the University’s attractiveness to excellent researchers from Germany and abroad, involving new energy directly in innovative collaborative projects, and developing FAU’s strategic alliances with key partners. A total of 31 innovative projects have been implemented to date thanks to EFI funding.