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FAU has always been home to inventors. Many things we take for granted today were either invented by scientists at FAU or would not have been possible without their initial research: the MP3 format, computer tomography, the first synthetic painkiller Antipyrine, endoscopy or the hydrogen carrier LOHC are just a few of the many examples.

Patent management

Erlangen is known as a patent metropolis and city of inventors. Patents come from various different areas such as robotics, medical engineering, coatings and tissue engineering. On average, research at FAU leads to more than 100 inventions and more than 70 patents being registered in any given year. Since the year 2000, more than 180 science and technology-based spin-offs have been established.

Do you have an invention or do you want to apply for a patent? FAU’s patent management team supports inventors during the entire process from registering an invention, to applying for a patent and conducting the necessary checks, to protecting intellectual property until it is licensed or sold and organizing the associated contracts.


Patent management for inventors

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