Research, discover, invent – lateral thinking is welcome

FAU is a full-spectrum university with a long tradition of research. Over 250 degree programmes and long-standing partnerships with international research institutions such as Max Planck, Fraunhofer and Helmholtz give staff and students the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of their own subjects, network with others and consider research questions from different perspectives. FAU encourages its members to think in every direction – above all laterally! This diversity makes FAU one of Germany’s leading research universities.

  • A practical 5G application for cherry farming is being developed as part of the ‘For5G’ project. The heart of the project, located in the region known as Franconian Switzerland, is the creation and analysis of a ‘digital twin’ for fruit trees. The project has received 1.4 million euros of funding from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

  • Whether it’s in youth or internet culture, in the media and entertainment landscape or the political arena: In which variety and with which functions the sentimental is used (both consciously and unconsciously) is the subject of the research of a new research training group called ‘The Sentimental in Literature, Culture and Politics’.

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