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Badge des FAU Alumni-NetzwerksWhether you completed your studies or doctoral degree at our FAU, whether you worked here as a researcher or you spent some time studying or researching as a guest at our University – we would like to keep in touch with you and invite you to join our FAU network. We hope you will stay in touch.

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Alumnus (plural: alumni; Latin: “pupil,” from alere, “to nourish,” “to raise”) was originally a male pupil of an institute. Alumna is the female form. Calling a home university “alma mater” (the nurturing mother) is a familiar tradition in higher education. Alumni are people who have graduated from a university.

FAU Community –The communication platform for alumni, students, researchers, employees and sponsors

The FAU alumni network is an important group in our broad FAU community.  Our entire FAU family comes together on the FAU Community networking platform. It’s also worth joining the FAU Community platform as a student, employee, friend or sponsor to network with other members of the FAU family. Register free of charge

FAU Community

This was our 2022 FAU Alumni Day

A group at 2022 FAU Alumni Day (Image: Giulia Iannicelli)
A group at 2022 FAU Alumni Day (Image: Giulia Iannicelli)