FAU Alumni #MyStory: Katja Hessel

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Lawyer and member of the Bundestag

FAU alumna Katja Hessel is a member of the Bundestag and Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Finance. When she is not working in Berlin, the politician can be found in Nuremberg. Here she has her own law firm as a lawyer and tax consultant. The politician studied law at FAU. In this interview, she returns to FAU, tells anecdotes about her first day in the Bundestag and reveals more about her time as a student at FAU.

FAU Alumni #MyStory: Katja Hessel, Bundestagsabgeordnete und Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin

FAU Alumni #MyStory
The short videos in the FAU Alumni #MyStory series focus on outstanding FAU alumni, taking viewers on a journey into the alumni’s student life and providing insights into the impressive resumes and careers of today’s personalities. To do so, they return to the place where it all began: the FAU campus.

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