Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard is the new Vice President Education at FAU

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Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard ist die neue Vizepräsidentin Education (Bild: Gudrun-Holde Ortner)

Sinologist to support the Executive Board at FAU in the area of education

The Executive Board at FAU has a new member: Humboldt professor Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard has been appointed Vice President Education and will be responsible for the area of education over the next three years. In her new role, the holder of the Chair of Chinese Studies focusing on the philosophical and cultural history of China hopes to lay a greater emphasis on the concept of “educational integrity”.

After two terms of office as VP Education, Prof. Bärbel Kopp, Chair of Primary Education (Teaching and Learning) is passing on the baton to Prof. Bréard. She would like to continue the work of her predecessor, particularly when it comes to fighting disadvantages in education.

“In order to ensure that everyone is in a position to tailor and benefit from their time at the university in the best possible way, “Education” does not only refer to excellent teaching per se, rather it is a means to support the university community in achieving their career and life goals,” explains the holder of an Alexander von Humboldt professorship. “I also believe that personal development is a central part of FAU’s responsibility to provide education.”

In order to integrate the concept of educational integrity into education, a greater focus must be laid on sincerity, equality, diversity and inclusion in teaching. That apart, she also believes artificial intelligence has great potential for innovation in teaching.

Prof. Bréard is one of four VPs at FAU. Her colleagues Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch (VP People), Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein (VP Outreach) and Prof. Dr. Georg Schett (VP Research) have all been re-elected for a further term of office.

Thanks from FAU President

President Prof. Hornegger took the occasion of the election of the Vice Presidents to express his thanks: “In the last six years, Prof. Kopp has committed herself with passion and dedication to working for our students and ensuring a high standard of teaching. I would like to thank her warmly for all that she has done. I would also like to thank Prof. Bréard, who has agreed to devote herself to this important task by running for office. I look forward to working with her. And of course I would like to congratulate the existing VPs, whose re-election is not only recognition of their work to date, but also a vote of confidence and a request for them to continue to pursue their strategy.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard
(Image: Gudrun-Holde Ortner)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard

In 2021, Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard received one of the renowned Alexander von Humboldt professorships, which the Humboldt Foundation awards in recognition of outstanding researchers across the globe. At FAU, she holds the Chair of Chinese Studies, focusing on the philosophical and cultural history of China. Her research links the topics of mathematics and Chinese studies.

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The Executive Board

The Executive Board at FAU comprises the President Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, the Chancellor Christian Zens, the University women’s representative Prof. Dr. med. Kerstin U. Amann and the four Vice Presidents Prof. Dr. Bréard (VP Education), Prof. Dr. Andreas Hirsch (VP People), Prof. Dr. Georg Schett (VP Research) and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein (VP Outreach).

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Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard is an Alexander von Humboldt professor

What is an Alexander von Humboldt professorship?

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