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Gas will play a crucial role as an energy source over the coming decades. But how can the German gas network be prepared for the growing demand? This is the subject of research being carried out by mathematicians from FAU, TU Darmstadt, TU and HU Berlin and WIAS Berlin.

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The collaborative research centre/Transregio 89 'Invasive computing' has been granted funding for a further four years. The DFG has provided 10 million euros for researching future parallel computing systems. The collaborative research centre/Transregio 89 is coordinated by the Chair for Hardware/Software Co-Design at FAU.

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That certain medication poses a risk for safe driving is well known and also well researched. Less clarity exists about the adverse interactions for patients who take a combination of several different medications. This will be the subject of the study carried out by a team of researchers during the next six months.