FAU has retained its position as one of the most innovative universities not only in Germany, but worldwide, and also remains a world leader when it comes to sustainability. These are the findings of the latest “Impact Ranking” of the British education magazine Times Higher Education (THE).

A big joint celebration at which alumni, students, employees and friends of our FAU once again brought the university motto #FAUtogether to life! The FAU Wunschkonzert 2024 ensured the best atmosphere and dancing mood for all generations. Get an idea of ​​the exciting event with our video and image gallery.

The FAU Senate has defined 5 key research priorities for the University’s research profile. They serve as a framework for the work of all FAU members. Vice President Research, Prof. Dr. Georg Schett, explains the origins of the new research priorities.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) belongs to the top 15 percent of universities worldwide according to the latest QS World University Ranking. Compared to the previous year, FAU has moved up five places and is now ranked at place 224 of 1503.

Emperor penguins are an endangered species. Scientists are protecting the largest of all penguins by monitoring their numbers precisely and investigating which factors affect their population. A team led by researchers at FAU has now developed a reliable method that can predict the number of breeding pairs and chicks and serve as an early warning system for climate change in the Antarctic Ocean.

When fighting infections or tumors, entire armies of immune cells must coordinate their behavior. Researchers at FAU will investigate which immune processes play a role in this over the next three years. The researchers will also use machine learning algorithms. The Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation supports the project through its Rise Up! program with funding of almost €500,000.

FAU alumna Dr. Chiara Seidl received her doctorate in art history from FAU and now advises private art collectors in New York on setting up and expanding their art collections. In the latest issue of FAU Alumni #JobInsights, Dr. Seidl provides insights into her job and reveals why networks and as much professional experience as possible are so important.