More diverse, heterogeneous, colorful and lively: Theater culture in the Early Modern period in the Holy Roman Empire was certainly very different to the theater we have been familiar with since the theater of the ‘Bildungsbürger’ of the late 18th century.

The more wind and solar energy is used, the less yield they generate on energy markets. Mario Liebensteiner, professor of energy markets and energy systems analysis, explains why this is the case and how considerably higher CO2 prices could mitigate this effect.

Christian Schmidt tells us how he managed to study law at FAU without actually going to a German grammar school, or Gymnasium, like the vast majority of his fellow students. Lots of different paths lead to the same destination.

In conjunction with Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, FAU’s start-up consulting service is offering a coaching program called “Reality Bites - Building Box”. Selected start-up teams receive coaching from experts at the institutions for three months where they receive support on how to develop their business ideas.

Until now, the main means of diagnosing Parkinson’s has been restricted to the typical movement disorders such as tremors, slowing movements and stiffening of muscles. The disease begins up to 20 years before these symptoms appear, however. Until now there have been no blood indicators or imaging pr...

The German federal government introduced the ‘fuel discount’ on June 1, 2022. A team of researchers from FAU have now investigated to what extent the oil companies pass on the tax cuts and what impact the fuel discount is actually having on consumers’ wallets. 

A fine midsummer weekend: More than 6,000 guests enjoyed themselves on Saturday in perfect weather conditions at the 66th Schlossgartenfest after a two-year break. There was dancing, laughing, eating and drinking, much to the delight of FAU President Joachim Hornegger, who began his welcome with the words "What a comeback!"

In the future, water systems such as fountains and cisterns, but also sewage treatment plants could be cleaned without using chemical substances. As part of the Bavarian research project DiaKerWa, a research team from FAU is currently testing a cleaning method that uses only diamond electrodes and electricity.