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The Earth is flat and facts have alternatives. Fake news and conspiracy theories are currently having a heyday. It is not only consumers, but also public figures from politics or the media who seem to fall for them, or even invent them themselves. Dr. Katrin Götz-Votteler and Dr. Simone Hespers from FAU have researched the matter.

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Prof. Dr. Tentzeri's research interests include RF electronics, batteries and sensors manufactured using 3D printing or ink-jet processes, as well as green and sustainable energy harversting, wireless energy transmission systems or the Internet of Things. He is the winner of the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award and works as a visiting scientist at FAU's Department of Technical Electronics in the development of new RF modules from the 3D printer.

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Neuroscientists at FAU and the University of Birmingham have researched how different regions of the brain cooperate to create and retrieve memories. Their results may help improve the treatment of memory disorders in future.

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In recognition of her research, FAU computer scientist Elisabeth Hoppe from the Pattern Recognition Lab has been shortlisted for the AI newcomer of the year award by the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society). We met to discuss her research approach and what she finds so fascinating about artificial intelligence.