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How can you enable people who are no longer able to write themselves to write a personal note or continue to write a diary in their own handwriting? A team of researchers at FAU have now developed a method for imitating handwriting using artificial intelligence (AI). The more legible the writing, the easier it is to imitate.

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The FAU student survey (FAU-St) 2020 starts today. From 10 June until 2 August, students will once more be able to evaluate their studies at FAU. The survey this year focuses on student satisfaction and the situation in view of the current pandemic. All participants will be entered in a prize draw with the chance to win one of 20 vouchers for the FAU shop worth 25 euros each.

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FAU Sandbox offers students 2000 euros of funding to found their own start-up. Students also receive help and support in other areas in addition to the financial assistance. Apply from 1 June to 12 July 2020!

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As a small consolation, we have prepared a selection of Bergkirchweih backgrounds for Zoom, so that you can at least enjoy a virtual visit to the Berg. Download Bergkirchweih backgrounds