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Physicists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light and at FAU have succeeded in turning an organic molecule into a nearly ideal quantum system with only two well-defined energy levels. The experiments reported in Nature Physics set an important step because they demonstrate some basic building blocks for quantum networks based on organic materials.

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Death is an unavoidable aspect of research into life. Those involved in palliative care at FAU try to find ways of helping those nearing the end of their lives live their last months, weeks and days free from fear and pain. In doing so, they come up against legal constraints

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Nanostructures based on carbon are promising materials for nanoelectronics. However, to be suitable, they would often need to be formed on non-metallic surfaces, which has been a challenge – up to now. Researchers at FAU have found a method of forming nanographenes on metal oxide surfaces.

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In 2019, Dr. Orgad from the Jewish Art Department at the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel visited FAU and the Jüdische Museum Franken (Jewish Museum Franconia) in Fürth to talk about a possible collaboration between the Jewish Art Department at his home university, FAU and the museum. In our interview, Dr. Orgad tells us about his expectations regarding the visit.

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Can the answer to a fair method for resettling refugees in the EU be found at the level of local government? The study ‘The pathway via municipalities’ has explored this issue in more detail and gives specific recommendations for how best to use the potential of towns and municipalities in EU refugee policy.

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Vera and Martin Seeburg met at FAU and recently got married. In our interview, they tell us how they met and also tell us what their favourite place at the university is.

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An international team of glaciologists have provided a new estimate for the volume of ice in glaciers throughout the world, excluding the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. Their conclusion: previous calculations overestimated the volume of the glaciers in High Mountain Asia.