Starting a degree – five tips to get started

Magnolia tree of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
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The lecture period for the summer semester at FAU starts on April 15

Welcome to Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)!

Starting a degree is an exciting experience in a new environment with new people, lots of exciting input and many opportunities to try something new. So that you are well prepared to start your degree, make sure you create your schedule now, register for classes and take part in introductory events.

All the important information about the start of the semester is available on the starting studies website: Take a look here!

Five tips to get started at FAU

As a student, there’s a lot to organize, especially at the beginning of your degree. We have put together our top five tips for getting started at our university below:

1. Check campo

You will find thecourse catalog in campo. If you have any questions about your classes, check there first as you may find the answers there in the relevant entries.

FAU students on a bench in Schlossgarten
Image: Anna Tiessen

2. Get networking

Starting your studies is just like the first day at a new school or in a new job as you (probably) don’t know anyone and might feel quite lonely. However, you won’t get to know anyone more easily and quickly than while you are studying. Fellow students are important contacts and make studying the great experience it should be. Try and network online as early as possible in group chats and online platforms and don’t be afraid of meeting new people online.

3. Learn how to use Zoom

FAU now has Zoom for video conferencing, online seminars and live online lectures. You will be working with it often, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it now. The Regional Computer Center Erlangen (RRZE) has detailed instructions and information about Zoom.

Students at entrance of FAU’s Kollegienhaus
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4. Ask questions

When are the online consultation hours? How can I get the book I need for my written assignment? What do I need for my next presentation? You will need answers to questions like these and many more during the course of the semester and they are all justified. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Teaching staff and all staff at the libraries or in University Administration are happy to help you.

5. Keep an eye on examination dates and deadlines

Please ensure you regularly check the websites of the Examinations Offices for up-to-date information.

Starting your studies at FAU: Link to info website

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Stay up to date with Instagram

The University regularly posts new videos with information about events and much more on itsInstagram channel: @uni_fau.

This video features an introduction to the University by the Executive Board:

Link to the welcome video on Instagram

By the way, we also have a new Vice President! Prof. Dr. Andrea Bréard is the now Vice President Education at FAU Click here to read an interview with Prof. Bréard. There’s also a video about her.