360° tour: View of the paintings in the digital art gallery in the Orangerie of FAU.
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What role do female IS returnees play within the “Islamic State” system, why are they rarely referred to as war criminals in public discourse and which aspects should be considered more closely in future? A conversation with Prof. Dr. Christoph Safferling and Jana Trapp, a legal trainee at the Kammergericht (court of appeal) in Berlin and a doctoral candidate at FAU.

In the “Orangerie digital” project, the Institute of Art History at FAU has digitally recorded the Erlangen art gallery (1906-1934) and reconstructed the exhibition in a 360° tour, with the help of students from the Institute. The project gave the students valuable insights into research and their f...

The CHE Master’s ranking 2022 indicates that many Master’s students are very happy with their choice of FAU. The survey focused on engineering subjects and psychology. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Psychology did particularly well among Master’s students.

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