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Kristian Franze

Startseite 2019

FAU is a partner of the ‘Global Market Leaders Innovation Day’ initiative run by the German financial magazine WirtschaftsWoche, which is to be held in Erlangen on 8 September 2020. Renowned researchers and young talents from FAU will present their research and ideas on the main focal topic ‘energy and climate’.

Researchers at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen have developed a new bouldering psychotherapy approach. Following on from the pilot study, the follow-up study has also shown that bouldering psychotherapy is considerably more effective than physical exercise alone and at least as effective as behavioural therapy.

In conjunction with the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) (Federal Criminal Police Office) and IT company Secunet, FAU will be working on a technological solution during the next two years that will allow car number plates to be read even on blurred images.