Three women read a magazine.
Image: FAU/Kurt Fuchs
Felix Freiling and Marie-Helen Maras

Startseite 2019

Magnets are usually produced using rare earths and conventional manufacturing methods. A team of researchers at FAU has worked together with other researchers from the Graz University of Technology, the University of Vienna and the research institution Joanneum Research to produce specially designed magnets using a 3D printer.

At least two different groups of Neanderthals lived in Southern Siberia and an international team of researchers including scientists from FAU have now proven that one of these groups migrated from Eastern Europe.

Can phagocytes act like a Trojan horse, transporting tumour cells within themselves and thereby causing metastases in cancer patients? PD Dr. Heiko Bruns at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, FAU, has been accepted to the funding programme ‘Experiment! In search of bold research ideas’ on the basis of this unusual question.