FAU physicist Peter Hommelhoff receives the Leibniz Prize
Prof. Dr. Paul Steinmann


After being canceled for two years in a row due to the pandemic, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has now once more invited guests to attend the awards ceremony for the prestigious Humboldt professorships in Berlin. FAU has two reasons to celebrate: both the medical physicist Prof. Dr. Kristian Franze and mathematics historian and sinologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Andrea Bréard received an award.

Major success for FAU researchers: The DFG has approved funding for two new research training groups (RTG) and has extended funding for an existing RTG. This means that the DFG is providing around 15.3 million euros of funding for young researchers at FAU who are completing doctoral degrees in the fields of linguistics, literature studies, and applied mathematics.

Until June 19, all students at FAU have the opportunity to have their say about their studies in the FAU student survey (FAU-St) 2022. The evaluation from last year’s survey showed that in spite of the unusual situation caused by the pandemic, the majority of students are satisfied with their studies at FAU.