Bart van Overbeeke/TU Eindhoven


FAU had only just decided to introduce the 2G rule for teaching (restricting on-campus teaching to students who are only either vaccinated or recovered) when the politicians decided to introduce new rules. For example, as of this week all staff at Bavarian universities have to comply with the 3G plus rule. The coronavirus website is updated regularly with all the latest information about vaccination and rules at FAU to help us all keep track of the current situation.

Computer science at FAU has done particularly well in the CHE Master’s ranking 2021. It is ranked among the top contenders in five categories: overall study situation, courses offered, support for new students, publications per researcher and doctoral degrees per professor.

In a new study conducted by the Deutsches Zentrum Immuntherapie and led by Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, patients who had no protection against an infection after failing to develop an immune response to Covid-19 after two vaccinations were given a third vaccination. The results indicated that these individuals developed a very good level of protection after receiving their third vaccine.