Impressions from the symposium can be found in our picture gallery

FAU IT specialists in demonstrate the structural problems inherent in single device-based authentication processes.

The three winning teams from Great Britain, Brazil and Switzerland were invited to Erlangen

FAU strategically expands its key research priorities by supporting young researchers

Did Luther really look like he does on the pictures? A research project funded with nearly one million euros by the Leibniz Association is to explore these questions over the next three years.

At our university, we find a large range of courses in medical, theological, technical and scientific fields, among them some unique, interdisciplinary Master programmes. One of them is MAP – Advanced Materials and Processes.

From 12 January to 11 February, students at FAU will once more have the opportunity to report on their experiences and express their opinion on key aspects of studying at FAU.

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Innovative Materials

Nuremberg Moot Court