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Speed networking with snacks

The events are a quick way to establish new professional contacts

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Human beings are equipped with the sensory organs that they need for survival

T-shirt Design Competition: We have a winner!

The new t-shirt will be available online via the FAU Shop

The shield is crumbling

Many ice shelves in Antarctica have shrunk and some have disappeared entirely. Dr. Johannes Fürst from the Institute of Geography at FAU has used a complex model to show for the first time at what point the “buttressing” role of ice shelves is impaired due to their decline.

How unique is your browser’s digital fingerprint?

When we visit websites our browsers pass on a wide range of information that website providers and tracking services can use to recognise and track us. Computer scientists at FAU are currently looking for participants for an online study in which they aim to evaluate the effectiveness of browser protection measures.

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Paths of light

Wege des Lichts

Innovative Materials

Vom Molekül zum Material - Innovative Materialien

Cultures and Disasters II

Disasters, vulnerability and the significance of cultural understanding: four myths, weddings and funerals...