Sagithjan Surendra
FAU/Stephan Minx


Video “Diplomacy in the Time of Cholera” shows the origin and role of the WHO. Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi deals with “Science Diplomacy”, an interdisciplinary research topic at the intersection of science, technology and history, and she holds the new chair for Science, Technology and Gender Studies at FAU since January.

With Deutschlandstipendium scholarships, companies regularly provide financial assistance to excellent students at FAU. One example for the success of the programme is alumnus Dr. Benjamin Hübel. He studied and completed his doctoral degree at FAU and is now employed by HUK-COBURG. What makes this special is that HUK-COBURG supported Dr. Hübel with a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship during his studies and whilst completing his doctoral degree.

Rheumatism, inflammatory bowel disease and psoriasis are examples of diseases which trigger a false, excessive immune reaction and which require treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. Researchers at the German Centre for Immunotherapy at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen have now investigated how well these patients react to Covid-19 vaccinations.