Victims of their own success

A new expert study paints a gloomy picture of the future of tropical coral reefs

Hypervelocity binary star puzzles astronomers

Could the star with the cryptic name PB 3877 be an intruder from a distant galaxy?

Researchers build the world’s smallest heat engine

The tiny machine consists of just a single atom and is able to convert heat into kinetic energy effectively

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Emergency medical data stored electronically

A new pilot project will investigate whether saving emergency medical data on electronic health insurance cards is practicable. Researchers at FAU will be involved in the academic side of the project.

Lotus effect for organic liquids

Materials scientists at FAU have developed a process that allows self-cleaning properties to be applied to ceramic surfaces that also work for liquids such as oils and alcohol.

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Paths of light

Wege des Lichts

Innovative Materials

Vom Molekül zum Material - Innovative Materialien

Cultures and Disasters II

Disasters, vulnerability and the significance of cultural understanding: four myths, weddings and funerals...