Two scientists talking.
Picture: Ralph Simon/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Image: FAU/Erich Malter

Startseite 2019

Recently, a Chinese team of astronomers claimed to have discovered a black hole as massive as 70 solar masses. The publication immediately triggered theoretical investigations. Among those to take a closer look at the object was a team of astronomers from the FAU and Potsdam. They discovered that it may not necessarily be a black hole at all, but possibly a massive neutron star or even an ‘ordinary’ star.

Sonar is essential for robots and self-driving cars as it is a very cost-effective sensor for distance measurements, but sonar also has some limitations. Sometimes sonar measurements can be misleading and there were no sonar signs or signals so far, which could assist sonar navigation. But researchers from FAU, University of Antwerp and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam have come up with a solution, inspired by a special coevolution between bats and flowers.