Grindelwald Glacier
Image: Uwe Niklas

Startseite 2019

In 2020 a lot of things are different than before – and that includes the Schlossgartenfest at FAU. Instead of celebrating together at the Schlossgartenfest, this year we will celebrate together online: at the #FAUSommernacht on Saturday 11 July from 7pm. An evening of music, interviews and memories of previous garden parties as a YouTube stream.

The wave of forced migration in 2015 and 2016 has changed integration politics in towns, administrative districts and municipalities in Germany forever. As a consequence, local integration management has been set up in several municipalities or existing structures have been expanded. At the same time, funding for integration policy measures is often not secure.

‘Once upon a time...’ If a text begins with these words, there can be no doubt in the reader’s mind that it is a fairy tale. Fairy tales are classed as cultural heritage, many people associate them with childhood memories, and yet they are often criticised for conveying clichés and outdated role models. Is there still a place for fairy tales in the modern world? We met Prof. Dr. Maren Conrad to discuss this topic.