Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Pfeiffer gives us some insights into the production process and tells us where the idea for the musical came from

The fourth episode of 'Tatort' to be set in Franconia will be broadcast on 15 April. Parts of the episode 'Ich töte niemand’ (I’m no murderer) were filmed at FAU

Did Luther really look like he does on the pictures? A research project funded with nearly one million euros by the Leibniz Association is to explore these questions over the next three years

Impressions from the symposium can be found in our picture gallery

For the very first time, scientists from FAU, the University of Leicester and the University of Vigo have proven that the kinetic energy from particles in granular gases such as dust clouds can rise temporarily even though energy is constantly being drawn out of the system. Their research adds further detail to Haff's law (devised 35 years ago), which states that the granular temperature in closed systems continually decreases.

A groundbreaking project titled 'MoveIT' has been launched to analyse the gait and falls of people with Parkinson's. Using telemedicine based on sensors placed in patients' shoes and attached to their upper body, researchers aim to analyse specific characteristics in the patient's gait and when they fall.

In a new study, FAU palaeobiologists and their research partners have shown that signs that the largest mass extinction event in the Earth's history was approaching became apparent much earlier than previously believed, and point out that the same indicators can be observed today.

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Hope Abjuring Hope

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