Did Luther really look like he does on the pictures? A research project funded with nearly one million euros by the Leibniz Association is to explore these questions over the next three years

Impressions from the symposium can be found in our picture gallery

The three winning teams from Great Britain, Brazil and Switzerland were invited to Erlangen

FAU strategically expands its key research priorities by supporting young researchers

Can neurofeedback therapy offer effective long-term treatment for children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)? This was the subject of a study carried out by a team of international researchers that included researchers from FAU.

Bots are usually helpers on the Internet. However, there is a growing suspicion that they are being used to spread political propaganda. Researchers at FAU have investigated the extent to which autonomous programmes such as these were used on the platform Twitter during the general elections in Japan in 2014.

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Nuremberg Moot Court