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Art historians uncover masterpiece of Italian drawing

Art historians have succeeded in identifying the creator of a drawing masterwork in the collection held at the FAU University Library

Exhaust fumes as a resource

Chemists at FAU have developed a process in which nitrogen oxides generated during industrial processes can be used in the manufacture of colourants and medicines

The FAU Open Research Challenge returns

2017 challenge focuses on medical engineering to help treat movement disorders

FAU has an excellent international reputation. This is reflected in the large number of renowned international researchers who choose FAU as their host university as part of a fellowship or research award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

For the first time, FAU engineers have succeeded in producing complex crystal lattices, so-called clathrates, from nanoparticles using DNA strands. Their findings have recently been published in the acclaimed journal ‘Science’.

Paths of light

Wege des Lichts

Innovative Materials

Vom Molekül zum Material - Innovative Materialien

Nuremberg Moot Court

Nuremberg Moot Court